8 - Morgan: Present Day

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The Seer bolted upright in bed. He'd been napping. And dreaming.

He saw himself being bludgeoned in an alley. The setting was Victorian Toronto, autumn. He remembered seeing his soul escape on a puff of steam as he'd exhaled his last breath.

Morgan's head was pounding. He felt on his bedside table for the shape of the Tylenol bottle, slowly matched the triangles, one on the lid, the other on the bottle neck, and popped it open. He meted out two caplets and resealed the bottle. Morgan groped in the direction of the bedside table until he'd located the plastic water bottle, unscrewed the cap, and downed the caplets. Settling back in his bed, he massaged his forehead, alternating between tickle and pressure, in an effort to tamp the pain.

"Seer?" It was Zulu.

"I'm fine, boy." Startled at the thready weakness of his own voice, Morgan cleared his throat. "Fine," he added, sounding more like himself.

"Did you have a bad dream, Seer?" Zulu asked. "You called out in your sleep." The boy sat at the foot of the bed, his weight setting Morgan off kilter.

"Children have bad dreams," Morgan scolded. "What I had was...I don't know what I had.

"There is evil afoot, that much I do know." He tugged at the once puffy comforter on his bed and tried to roll over, but the boy was sitting on it. Try as he might, the comforter wouldn't budge.

Perhaps taking Morgan's cue, the boy stood.

"Tell me what you saw."

"I...I don't know. I need time to process. Let me sleep on it."

Morgan rolled over, cocooned himself in the loosened comforter, and closed his eyes.

"That's not fair," the boy protested. "Please, Seer, tell me what you saw."

"Nobody ever said life was going to be fair."

It was less than a minute by Morgan's reckoning before the boy left the room.

Morgan lay in bed trying to recall the plot of his dream. Victorian Toronto, the setting of his youth. It was autumn, by his recollection. He remembered horse hooves kicking up dust on the dirt road, wooden wagons in tow. Young Morgan walked along the boarded walkway, passing storefronts. General Store. Livery. Bank. Hotel. Canteen.

He met up with someone familiar, whom, exactly, he found it difficult to remember. Or perhaps the information was never there to begin with, like a newspaper with key phrases cut out before he'd had a chance to read it.

His companion seemed friendly at first, had asked for him to follow to see something fantastic in the alley. Intrigued, Young Morgan followed. Somehow, his companion had gotten behind him. When Morgan turned, his companion held a sword, hefted it high above his head, and swung. That was when Morgan had, apparently, called out and awoken. He never saw the face of his attacker.

It was a message, he felt sure. As those events hadn't taken place during Morgan's lifetime, it had to be. Something in the world had changed. The dream was Morgan's tired old brain trying to alert him to the danger of the change. But what was it? Where? When?

The more Morgan thought on it the more he was sure he knew his attacker, and intimately so. But who could it be? As far as he knew no one from his youth was still alive. Was it possible his adversary was someone he knew, and his psyche was hiding the truth from him because it did not want to believe that those he trusted could betray him so? But that didn't make sense. Suffering from the curse of longevity, his world had narrowed as his age had grown, until his only associate was the boy. That it would be he who would betray him was unfathomable.

Morgan sighed and closed his eyes, but try as he might, further sleep evaded him. Slowly, through nothing more than determination and will, his creaky body rose to a seated position. He slid his journal from beneath his pillow, flipped pages until he found the one with today's date written on the dog-eared corner, and carefully tore it from its binding.

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