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I ski through a white fluffy landscape with deep green pine trees surrounding me. I laugh, enjoying myself, and hear laughter join me. I look over and see Ethan laughing with me as he skis backwards.

I laugh at him, "Careful!"

He chuckles, "We're almost at the bottom. Last one there is a rotten egg!"

I grin as I push my ski poles harder against the snow beneath me and jolt forward. Ethan turns around, so he's facing the proper way, and tries to beat me to the ski lodge at the bottom of the mountain.

We both make it to the bottom of the mountain, but he gets to the ski lodge two seconds before me.

He laughs, taunting me as I pout. "Oh, come on. Let's get some hot cocoa and warm up, yeah?"

I smile and nod as I unlatch my skis from my ski boots and follow him inside.

The lodge looks familiar, but I can't pinpoint why. There's a dark wooden kitchen with black granite countertops to the left and a large leather sofa to the right in front of a blazing stone fireplace. A large brown fur rug lays in between the sofa and the fireplace, just waiting to be touched.

I walk over to the fireplace and sit down on the brown fur rug. It's so soft. I look up as Ethan walks over with two cups of hot cocoa. He sets them down on the side table next to the sofa and sits down next to me. He's no longer in his ski outfit, but in dark wash jeans and a white tee shirt. God, he looks so sexy.

He slowly inches his hand up my bare leg, making me notice I'm suddenly no longer in my ski outfit either, but in a black lace nightie. Ethan inches his hand up further and further, teasing me as my heart races. His fingers linger over my breasts before continuing their climb up until he has both of his hands holding my face. I look up into his rich blue eyes and bite my lip as he leans in to kiss me.

As our tongues dance, I crawl up onto his lap and straddle him. Our kiss intensifies, and I moan as Ethan bites my lower lip, pulling away slightly with it still in between his teeth. I wrap my arms tighter around his torso as I grind my hips against him. This time, Ethan is the one to moan against my lips. I run my hands up and down his muscular back until they stop in his dirty blonde hair.

Ethan swiftly lifts me by my waist and places me down against the fur rug. I gasp as he leans over me and starts trailing kisses down my neck until he rests against my collar bone and bites down, hard. I gasp again, loudly, and arch my back as a moan slowly protrudes from my lips.

"I want you," I tell him.

Ethan pulls away with a grin before taking his shirt off. I stare at his lean muscles and reach up to touch him. Somehow, his jeans aren't on anymore, but I'm still in my nightie. As I hold onto his shoulders, he leans down against me and widens my legs. I can feel the tip of him lightly touch my center causing me to moan.

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