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I woke up with Casper's arms around my waist and his body pressed against my own...this was not how I intended this to turn out, but then again what had I expected...

The funny part was that we stared on opposite sides of the bed and yet we had still somehow managed to find eachother... not that I minded...

I lifted my arm up to check my watch. It was 10:37 in the morning which meant I had to get Paxton up. He's not a morning person, AT ALL. He could sleep for hours if he could. I was never a fan of sleep is what my mom said, I'd be up at all hours of the night. I listened to Casper's steady breaths, he was so calm... I didn't want to but I had to... I never want to leave this bed...

I reluctantly pulled at Casper's arm, trying to get up out of his grip. He yawned, and his grip around me tightened. "Casper... we have to get up..." I mumbled, turning to look at him.

He yawned again before his eyes opened. "Morning sleepy head" I smiled. He looked confused for a moment before realizing what was happening.

"Morning" He said, his blue eyes still looking at me sleepily.
"I have to go get Pax or else he won't take his nap and If he doesn't take his nap he's going to be grouchy and that's a living hell for all of us." I said rubbing my face and he laughed a little.
"Will you come back?" He asked quietly his eyes slowly fluttering shut. I laughed a little. "I'm not kidding..." he mumbled, still half asleep. Why would I come back to bed...
"Yes baby?..." He asked, making my heart nearly jump out of my chest. I was still in his arms and he just called me baby... I bit my lip, trying not to burst out laughing or start screaming... He probably thinks this is a dream... and in his dream we're still dating... oh my god...

"Songbird" I whispered... that felt so weird to say... "I have to get up"
"Fine" he grumbled as I ran my hand through his messy hair. He let go of me and I sat up, getting out of bed.

"Take your time to get up Songbird. Sawyer won't be up till around noon since she had soccer last night." I smiled starting to walk out of the room.
He mumbled something in response as I quietly shut the door, not wanting to wake anyone up anymore.

I can't believe what just happened... he thought we were still dating... he had a dream that we were still together... does he wish we were back together?... sometimes I do...

I walked into Pax's room trying to avoid the creaky boards so I wouldn't scare him. "Pumpkin" I said softly. He let out a small yawn before cuddling back into the blanket he had. I just smiled at him. He's so cute and I can't even handle it. "Pumpkin, come on baby time to get up." I smiled picking him up out of the crib.

He just looked at me confused for a second before he realized that it was me. "Dada" he yawned hugging my neck.
"Good morning pumpkin" I smiled kissing his nose. He giggled,
"hugre" he said patting his stomach. I laughed a little and kissed his cheek, making him giggle again.
"I love you pumpkin" I smiled kissing his nose once again.
"Love too" he smiled kissing my cheek.

"Let's get dressed Pumpkin." I smiled putting him down, causing him to attach himself to my leg."What's the matter pumpkin?" I asked picking him up again so I could walk.

"Go nowhere" He frowned.
"Don't worry Pumpkin, I don't have to work this morning." I promised him kissing his cheek. "Now since you didn't take a bath last night and fell asleep on Cas you have to take a bath." I said putting him down once again. I got him in the bath and into his clean clothes before Casper walked in smiling and stretching

"Cas!" Paxton smiled.
"Good morning bud! Look how handsome you are in your adidas clothes."
Paxton giggled and Casper picked him up.

"Morning." He smiled at me.
"Good morning. How did you sleep?"

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