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I ran into the living room to find Asher standing in a defensive position, his hands balled into fists.

Casper stood up, seemingly cool and collected before kneeling down next to Paxton. "Hey buddy why don't you go get some toys to show me!" He smiled at Pax.

Paxton's face lit up. "Otay!" He said excitedly, running past all of us to go get his toys. Once Ash saw him go up the steps he began to let Casper have it.

"How dare you have the fucking nerve to show up here and act like you have been here the whole time." He growled.
"For your information Asher. I have not been acting like that." Casper said calmly looking like he wanted to punch Ash, right in the mouth.

Ash looked the same way.

"You fucking destroyed him Casper. DESTROYED." Ash snapped as I watched silently from behind.

"I'm aware of that," he said softly. "And I regret that but we've talked about it and things are clear. We believe that things revolve around what makes Paxton comfortable."

"What have you talked about" Ash snapped at Casper

"At the moment the conversations we've had are between the two of us and I'd like them to remain that way." He said calmly.

"I'm about to beat your ass pretty boy." Ash growled I ran towards both of them, fear washing over me.

"ASH STOP!" I yelled watching him walk up to Casper who was standing calmly.

How is he so calm!?

"I'd strongly advise not doing that unless you'd like to hear from my lawyer." He said looking Asher dead in the eyes.

"I don't give a fuck." He snapped, raising his fist.

"ASH!" I yelled taking a running jump, jumping onto his back.

"Flint!" He yelled as I pulled him away from Casper.

At this point, everyone was yelling and screaming at each other and I was 90% sure somebody was about to die.

"GET THE HELL OFF ME FLINT! I WILL FREAKING BEAT YOU TOO!" Ash shouted, trying to get me off his back. His threats are empty.

"TOUCH HIM AND I SWESR TO GOD!!" Casper yelled back as I held on tighter to Asher, still on his back as he spun around the room while Casper tried to get me off of him by standing on the couch and pulling at my waist.

Suddenly, there was a loud ear piercing scream, causing everyone to stop and look towards the sound. I saw the beautiful blue eyes I absolutely love with tears in them, was holding onto one of his favorite stuffed animals, face flustered red and tear streaks down his face.

"Paxton!" I called jumping off Ash's back and running to my child scooping him up in my arms.
"No-No fight! S-scary!" he cried with a hiccup, holding onto me rightly.
"I'm sorry pumpkin, I'm so sorry." I muttered rocking back and forth to subside the crying. "I'm sorry sweetheart.""
"W-Why ashy and Cas fight?"

""He has a fucking nickname!?" Ash snapped, glaring at Casper, his hand still balled in a fist.
I looked up at Casper and Asher, glaring at the both of them.

"Well pumpkin, sometimes people get very mad at each other and that's just what happens..."

"Flint you're kidding!?" Ash asked.
"What?" I snapped as Paxton held onto me, still crying. "Who am I kidding Asher!? You?"
"You're kidding yourself Flint!" Asher shouted.
Casper walked over to me, taking Paxton from my arms and walking out of the room.

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