chapitre deux

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Alex tiredly checked the number of pages that were written at the bottom of the laptop screen.

10 pages! He checked the time.

He had written 10 pages about this boy he had just met 4 hours ago, and he had only finished talking about his face! He hadn’t even started talking about his body.

Suddenly, John burst into their dorm room.

“Hi Laurens,” Alex greeted, he could already smell the alcohol coming from him.

“I like it when you call me Laurens, but can you call me John Laurens? Actually, don’t. If you call me John Laurens I think I’ll get a,” he giggled before he could finish his sentence.

“So you don’t want me to ever call you John Laurens?” Hamilton questioned seriously. In reality, he wanted to laugh at John’s drunken state but he refrained. Alex thought it was funnier if he pretended to take Laurens seriously.

“Well, not never.”

“I wasn’t really planning to address you by full name anyway.”

“Well, I’ll address you by full name, Alexander Anagram,” John slurred.

Alex didn’t want to deal with this right now, especially since he was beginning to get sleepy. He decided that he would just put John to bed and then he’d go to sleep afterwards.

“Yeah, okay, come on,” Alex said getting up from the chair at his desk. Alex wrapped his arm around John’s waist to keep him balanced, so he didn’t end up falling on the way. Alex liked the feeling of his hands around John’s body; it gave him want to giggle, a giddy feeling one might say.

Alex let go of Laurens when he was close enough to his bed, so John ended up falling face first and was out like a light in a matter of seconds.

Alex covered him with a warm and fuzzy blanket.

“Good night Laurens,” Hamilton whispered and without thinking twice kissed the top of his head.

Alex didn’t question his actions until he was in bed trying to sleep.

Did I just do that, Alex thought. He wasn’t too worried that John knew he did that as he was already in a deep sleep. He was more worried about catching feelings for his new roommate. He didn’t want to end up having a crush on Laurens because he knew that there was no way he could hold in his feelings when John lived with him. He knew that he would end up kissing him or something in that nature and John wouldn’t react well to it. He would end up hating him. He would switch dorms so he wouldn’t have to keep dealing with a fag. And that would be the end of that sad and pathetic love story. John Laurens would be out of his life forever. Hamilton didn’t want that, so, for now, he would come up with some bad excuse for how it was a platonic kiss. He’s just worried about his friend, is all. However, in the back of his mind he knew, he just knew that that wasn’t the case at all.

Alex woke up the next morning feeling warmer and comfier than ever. At first, he didn’t question it, but then he realized he felt too warm and comfortable. Then his eyes snapped open to find Laurens’s calm, freckle filled face in front of him, his eyes still closed meaning that thankfully he was still asleep. Hamilton wanted to seize this opportunity of admiring John’s face this close-up, but he had to remind himself that he had to focus. When had Laurens gotten into his bed? In the middle of the night? Alex simply didn’t know the answer to the question of how or why John was practically on top of him, but nonetheless, he liked the warmth that was practically radiating off of him. Alex felt so safe, so secure, and that would have been enough to get him to stay in bed with Laurens all day, but Hamilton quickly came to the terrifying thought of, what happens when he wakes up? He didn’t want to know the answer to the question, so he knew that he had to somehow get out of bed. The only problem was Laurens had his strong arms loosely wrapped around his waist. Hamilton decided to just slowly move lower and lower down the bed until he was out of John’s arms. And that’s what he did. He knew that if anyone were to have witnessed the event that was taking place they would have probably laughed at the sight, but this was no joke to Hamilton. To him, this was a deadly spy mission. This was suM stRaiGHt uP miSsioN ImpOssiBle shIt RiGHt HeRe. Surprisingly, he successfully managed to get himself out of bed without waking up the sleeping beauty.

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