chapter trois

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It didn't take long for them to walk to the library. Everything was rather close to campus, so they had no trouble getting from place to place.

Alex was still amazed by the streets of New York. He was so used to small towns, not big cities. However, this didn't frighten him. It only excited him. He knew practically everyone in his town, but here, it seemed that there were practically millions of people on each sidewalk. Alex liked how it was so diverse, and there was almost a mystery to all these people. Hamilton liked a mystery.

They got to the two-story library that was filled from top to bottom with incredible literature. Alex made a note of where the library was. He would be going there often.

They walked in. There weren't that many people in the building since the semester only started in two weeks (there wasn't really a need for anyone to be in the library unless it was for school reasons). They made their way further into the building, checking all the corners in search of the two-thirds of the Schuyler sisters. They finally found Angelica and Eliza sitting at the back of the library; Angelica reading "Common Sense" by Thomas Paine and Eliza reading "The Giver" by Lois Lowry. Both books were absolutely incredible in Alex's opinion.

"Angie! Eliza," John greeted. He made sure not to be too loud because they were in a library.

Eliza looked up and smiled kindly, but Angelica didn't; she kept her head hidden in her book.

"Hi Laurens," Eliza said as she nudged her sister.

"'We hold these troops to be self-evident that all men are created equal?' What about women? Damn you, Thomas Paine," she muttered.

"Angie, be polite," she said softly but still sternly.

Angelica finally looked up, "Hello John."

"Hi, Angie! I'd like you both to meet Alex. He's my new roommate," John introduced. He was starting to get tired of having to introduce Alex over and over again to all his friends. However, it did remind him of how many friends he actually had. It gave him a small sensation of popularity.

Alex awkwardly waved, not really knowing what to say to these new people.

Eliza's heart rate started to quicken as she noticed Alex. It had seemed that he was practically hiding behind Laurens when he had entered the library.

"Elizabeth Schuyler, it's a pleasure to meet you," she said getting out of her chair and shaking Alex's hand. The scene looked exactly like when John and Alex had first met, but John was now replaced by Eliza.

John felt slightly annoyed by how long they remained in the position.

"Could they stop looking at each other already," John thought. He was tempted to roll his eyes at the pair. He thought it was unnecessary for Eliza to be getting up in the first place. She could have easily introduced herself from her earlier position on the chair.

"So Eliza, do you have any plans for today," John asked in an attempt to get Alex and Eliza to stop practically holding hands and separate.

It worked. Laurens was slightly more at ease that they had moved apart.

Eliza blushed as she pulled her hand away from Alex's.

"Actually, I was planning on having a sleepover at my house with the entire Scooby Doo gang tonight; Alex can come too, it can be like a housewarming party," Eliza suggested.

Angelica gave her a confused look, but her sister ignored it.

If Eliza were to be completely honest she had only made these plans now, without even asking her sisters for permission. However, she couldn't help herself. She already wanted to spend more time with Alex, despite only meeting him now. She felt this strange urge to want to simply be in the presence of him.

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