chapter uno

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Alexander Hamilton furiously typed away at his laptop. He was maybe on his fifteenth page? He focused more on quality than quantity. He was currently writing his journal that he tried to write in every day, but he ended up writing, well typing (he thought typing was much more efficient) it in his laptop once a week, then he would end up feeling guilty about it, but Alexander thought it was the thought that counts.

He was seemingly typing at the speed of light as his fingers tried to keep up with his mind before his thoughts were forgotten.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Alexander stopped typing for a second and sat in silence, his head still buzzing with his marvellous ideas. He debated whether or not he should let the stranger wait and finish his thoughts or if he should risk his ideas being forgotten and open the door immediately.

Alexander decided that he would type extra quickly and then rush to the door.

He finally finished typing and leapt out of his chair making it fall backwards and hit the floor with a loud bAm; Alexander knew how impolite it was to keep people waiting.

He threw open the door to find a boy around his age standing there. His appearance took his breath away. Alexander has seen some pretty people in his life before, but none came even close compared to this beautiful boy. Alexander couldn't describe it, but it almost felt satisfying to even look at him. It was like his presence made him feel all the best things in life, like curling up in a blanket on a snowy day, or opening up a new set of pencils, or getting a notebook that would soon be filled with writing all at the same time. He had hazel eyes, but not like his own boring brown ones, these were a mesmerizing shade of green with blue thrown into the mix to create a breathtaking colour that was now Alexander's favourite. However, that wasn't the most noticeable feature on this cutie's face. The feature that Alexander noticed right away was his freckles (Alexander liked to refer to them as angel kisses) that were like constellations in the vast universe of his face. The stranger wasn't that much taller -maybe by a foot?- but taller enough that if he would to kiss him right now he'd have to stand on his tippy toes. Alexander thought that that was a very weird way to describe their height difference and decided to ignore the queer thought (in this context Alexander felt that both meanings of the word would apply to this situation).

He told himself that he was just appreciating someone's beauty. That doesn't mean he's attracted to this stranger. Alexander was glad he reminded himself that this was a complete stranger! Even if he was to be attracted to him, it couldn't possibly be in the mere few seconds that he's met him. What if this attractive boy is so stupid that he ends up making friends with Jefferson or something. Or even worse, John Adams.

Neither of them had spoken yet, so Alexander started the conversation.

"Hello, how may I help you?"

"Greetings and salutations. I'm your new roommate, John Laurens. You must be Alexander Hamilton," he said politely in a melodic voice that Alexander had just decided he would never get tired of hearing. It had a bit of a southern accent to it which to Alexander only made him sound cuter.

John Laurens stuck out his hand and Alexander shook it. They looked at each other for a few moments; much longer than two heterosexual males that do not have an attraction to each other would. Alexander realized this and finally pulled his hand away.

"Oh well come on in. Don't want to stay in the hallway forever, now do we," Alexander said before opening the door wider to make way for Laurens.

He noticed that John was holding a big suitcase and that there were three similar ones right outside their dorm. Alexander took two in his right hand and another one in his left so he wouldn't have to make two trips.

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