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Danny's POV
It was my birthday. I would think that my sweet sixteen would be great but it is totally the opposite. It's terrifying. Mom told me the stuff that Clockwork said except the thing that I have a one-year older brother. Great. Read the sarcasm.

"Hey little bro. Are you ready for tonight?" Jazz asked as she helps me clean the mess from the party."Yeah." I said."What's wrong?" She asked."It's just how am I going to tell my own brother that I am a freak with GHOST POWERS." I said."Danny your aren't a freak. Vlad is the freak."She said making laugh a little."Yeah I know." I said.

"So Danny-boy how was your party?" Dad asked."Awesome." I said and he gave me a bear hug."Dad I breathe." I said and he released me."Hey, sweetie. How are you doing?" Mom asked."Just a little nervous...that's all." I said.

"Don't worry, honey everything will be okay." She said."Thanks mom."I said."I'm quickly going to shower and get my stuff." I said. I said as I walked downstairs."It's now 21:30. I have thirty minutes to get ready.

I climbed out of the shower and got dressed. When I came out I saw it was 21:39. I quickly made sure I had everything including a Fenton Thermos for in case, when that was done, I went downstairs with my vacation bag and put it right next to Jazz's bag.

I looked down at my ring and sighed."Hey don't worry everything will be okay." Jazz said."I hope so." I said. Mo was holding a camera and she took a few pictures of me and Jazz and then one of me, Jazz, mom and dad in one picture."Hey I didn't even smile." Jazz said as she mom took another picture. We looked over mom's shoulder and looked at the picture."Please send those to us!" I said.


Honk Honk Honk
"Well that's our ride." Jazz said sadly."Please call us when you have landed." Mom said while dad was trying not to cry."Don't worry mom and dad. We still love you." Jazz and I said as we hugged one last time.

"We should go." I said as we went to our taxi where Sam and Tucker was waiting."Okay Kiddos. You four settled?" The Taxi driver asked."Yeah we can go." Sam said."Where's Dani?" I asked."Here just invisible until we land to meet whoever is getting us." Tucker said."I'm so nervous." I said."Well don't be it will go great." Sam said as we stared into each other's eyes.

"Lovebirds." Tucker said."We are not lovebirds!" We shouted and the driver chuckled."No offense kiddo but it looks like you love each other ." He said."We're just really good friends." I said and Sam agreed

Time skip
Jacob was waiting at the airport for his lost brother and his friends."Hey are you Danny and Jazz Fenton?" He asked."Yeah are you Jacob Black?" Jazz asked."In the flesh." He said as he shakes Danny's hand first. His eyes widen for a second but disappeared just as fast. He then shaked Jazz's hand which felt normal. Why is Danny's hands so cold? He wondered.

The the one person he despised showed up with Bella."Hey Jacob." Edward said."Bloodsucker." Jacob replied."I'm here to pick up someone and she standing with you." He said."So you are Edward Cullen?" Jazz asked."That's me." Edward said."Hi I'm Bella." Bella said."Hi." Team Phantom said."So. You must be Jazz. I think your going to love it here." Bella said."Edward and Jacob was staring at each other with glares."Whoa talk about if looks could kill." Dani said."Who's this?" Bella asked."My name is Dani with an I." Fourteen year old Dani said."Hi." Bella said."Okay so to ruin this but me and my brother should go." Jacob said."I'm coming with Danny." Dani and Sam said."Okay see you later Jazz and Tucker!!" Danny shouted as he was pulled away with Sam and Dani running behind him.

"Okay!!" He shouted.

Edward's POV
When we found out Jacob had a lost brother that had a unrelated sister we immediately did a little research on her and him. It turns out her birth last name is Cullen. She must be the only Cullen that isn't a vampire."So what do you here for fun?" She asked."We usually just hang out." Bella said."Yeah." I said as we walked back to my Volvo and the boy's jaw immediately dropped."Whoa a freaking Volvo!" He shouted as he looked at the car and I smirked."Tucker calm down!" Jazz yelled and he immediately calmed down. I took her bags and put it in the back of the car as everyone else climed in and I was reminded of a very painful day.

Flash back!
My sister was the only one not to become a vampire since she wasn't there when I almost died. She was missing."Don't worry Edward we will find her." Father said."I hope so." I said.

It took a long time and I started to think she was dead but I heard news that she had a baby but she wasn't in the country so we didn't even meet her.

100 years later

But now today I have found her descendant. Jazz. At least I have one small piece of my sister she even looks a lot like her except for the orange red hair. Must have gotten that from someone else but I don't care.

Flash back over!
Before we knew it we were home."Whoa this place is so beautiful." She said as she looked out from the window. Immediately Rossie and everyone else came out."Welcome Jazz." They said as they gave her a light hug."Whoa, this place is awesome." Tucker said."Tucker." Jazz said quickly and he calmed down...again."So Jazz. You are going to learn soon about our family history and everything you want to know." Alice said."Okay." Jazz said smiling. I hope Danny is doing okay. I read her mind I smiled at her kindness for the kid.

Jacob's POV
It looks like the Sam girl likes Danny and Danny her but they are so clueless."So Jacob." Danny said getting my attention."Yes." I answered."What's it like here?" He asked."Well it rains a lot here but when it's sunny it can get pretty warm." I said."Okay." He said."So tonight we are having a bonfire and then you can learn a little bit of your heritage." I said."Awesome we'll be there." Dani said."Why do you and my bro look the same?" I asked."Uh." They all said."Hahaha, about that." Danny said."Well let's just say I have weird secrets." Danny said."And I need to tell you that." He added."You can trust me with anything but you can come to me when you are ready." I said and he smiled at me. I can't stop wondering why he felt so cold like Edward and his bloodsuckers.

Danny's POV
I can see he was wondering why I felt so cold. I was wondering why he felt so blazing hot. His right I should just trust him and hopefully he will accept my alter ego Danny Phantom."Here we are." He said and we got out. The place looked peaceful and I cold see a few bikes in the garage. My phone vibrated and I unlocked my phone."It's a text from Tucker." I said."Dude Edward is driving a Volvo!!😱😱😱" it said."Lucky." Sam said reading over my shoulder."What's lucky?" A guy with no shirt asked and I covered Dani's eyes with my hand."HEY!!" She shouted and I chuckled."Jacob who's this?" He asked."Sam this is my brother and two of his friends." Jacob said and he looked confused."Brother?" He asked and then he eyed me strangely."Do you mind if I barrow Jacob for awhile?" He asked and I nodded slowly.

Sam Uley's POV
"Do you mind I barrow Jacob for awhile?" I asked and the kid nodded slowly."Why didn't you tell us?" I growled at him."Hey I just found a week ago and plus would've you believed me when I said this:"Hey guys I just found out that I have a brother that I never knew I had." He said and he was somewhat right."Who else knows?" I asked."Only Seth and obviously my dad." He said."So do you know if the kid is a werewolf?" I asked."No it was his birthday yesterday so the wolf part of him should be starting to so show." He said."Okay in the meantime he doesn't go in publishing or everyone will know of the existence of Vampires or Werewolves, got it?" I growled and he just rolled his eyes."Got it jeez." He said.

I went back to where the kids was."Hey my name is Sam Uley." I said."Oh boy." They young girl and boy said."Did I say something wrong?" I asked."No my name is also Sam but I hate when people calls me Samantha." The older girl said."Whatever your last name?" I asked."Manson." She said."Good so when someone calls they will use our last names, so you should cal, me Uley." I said."Okay. I'm Daniel but I prefer Danny and this is my uh, friend Danielle but she prefers Dani with an I." Danny said ."Okay so kid are you ready to learn about your heritage?" Leah asked."This is Leah." I said."Uh, hi."

"Why do you all have the same tattoos?" Manson asked.

"You'll find out soon enough."

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