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Danny Phantom Reveal (Oneshots) by CrazyyFruitloop
Danny Phantom Reveal (Oneshots)by GEeKyGhoSt
This book contains different stories on how Danny's identity was revealed whether it be in school, by his parents, accidental or forced reveals. Be ready for new adventu...
Danny Phantom:Emotional World (Inside Danny's Mind) by LadyNoir303
Danny Phantom:Emotional World ( LadyNoir303
Danny's parents wants to test out a new invention they made specially for Phantom. They captured him in front of all of Amity. They used the new invention on Phantom whi...
Soulmates 💙💜 (Revising) by Adrianfelix30
Soulmates 💙💜 (Revising)by Tainted Rosè🥀
Danny, Sam, and Tucker are the inseparable trio...It was all smooth sailing until Sam and Danny's parents didn't approve of them dating and threatened them if they didn'...
The Ghost Brother by PhantomFaller13
The Ghost Brotherby Space Dad
What if Danny Phantom and Dick Grayson were brothers? Richard and Daniel Grayson lost their parents and were both taken in by Bruce Wayne. They were trained to fight by...
Masters's Son by KristenHope24
Masters's Sonby Hope
No plans whatsoever. If you like Danny Phantom, you're in the right place. Please vote. Thank you for clicking on my book. I do not own Danny Phantom or any of its chara...
The Field Trip (A Danny Phantom Fan Fiction) by MolMcN
The Field Trip (A Danny Phantom MolMcN
What happens when Mr. Lancer's class go on a field trip. I mean what could go wrong? But what happens when they go on a field trip to the Ghost Zone?!?! Chaos!!! How wil...
No Ordinary Field Trip by WinterWolf-99
No Ordinary Field Tripby White Wolf
Danny is now the prince of the Ghost Zone, turn king when he is eighteen. White will be the next king of the siren when he is eighteen. They work hard to keep Danny Phan...
danny imagines (Danny Phantom x Reader) by KristieChick
danny imagines (Danny Phantom x кяιѕтιє
In which, you join Danny and his friends of a not-so-normal life as high schoolers. Note: Doing something a little different, but this would be following a story timelin...
Danny Phantom: Ghost Zone Field trip  by ericalove101
Danny Phantom: Ghost Zone Field ericalove101
Danny's class had been selected to go on a once in a lifetime fieldtrip. Now most schools would choose to go to England or France for educational stuff but Casper High i...
The Apprentice of Thanatos by LombaxMechanic23
The Apprentice of Thanatosby MoNinja Gamer
One night after a long day of ghost fighting, Danny meets Thanatos, the Greek god of death. The god tells Danny that he needs the halfa's help, and offers to make him hi...
The Field Trip and a Secret Identity by bellakitty2003
The Field Trip and a Secret Bellakitty2003
Danny Fenton is just another person like the rest of us. He goes to school, he sleeps, eats, and lives. Only half way though for that last one. While not dead, he isn't...
Phantom Trip by 1_800_NIGHTSHADE
Phantom Tripby Night
After a field trip made by the Fentons comes around, it causes Danny's class to be stranded in the ghost zone with no way to get back, or do they? Follow Danny's story...
Energy (D.P./M.H.A.) by Cartara
Energy (D.P./M.H.A.)by Cartara
Danny only blinked at Clockwork before he pinched his nose, sighed, and waved in his direction. "So lemme get this straight: you want us to go to another dimension...
GHOSTLY AVENGER by StriderPhantom
GHOSTLY AVENGERby StriderPhantom
Danny has now become part of a bigger universe after revealing his identity after the Dis-asteroid incident. He is then invited by a top secret agency to join a group of...
The Rising King by RusEmp
The Rising Kingby Renat Ahohov
Humans hate him. Humans tortured him. And now they enter his home under the guise of a simple field trip. What's going to happen? The Ghost King Phantom was about to sho...
A Ghostly Field Trip by WinterWolf-99
A Ghostly Field Tripby White Wolf
Danny and White had a hard enough time keeping their secret in the human world. But now their class is going on a field trip right into the belly of the beast, the Ghost...
Field Trip to Unimaginable Places by Sleepy_606
Field Trip to Unimaginable Placesby Sleepy
Danny, Sam and, Tucker were all minding their own busyness, ruling the ghost zone. But No! Their class had to take a trip to the Ghost Zone. Now the problem is, will Dan...
PitchPearl Oneshots by Gomarnic
PitchPearl Oneshotsby Gomarnic Yumika
Yes, another one-shot. But this time, I'll let my imagination get me through with it. So no requests plz Warning, some one-shots will be taken personally so don't like...
Danny Phantom Fanfiction - A Different Kind Of Trip by Lady_Luci_
Danny Phantom Fanfiction - A Luci~ 💕
A not-so stereotypical trip to the ghost zone story!!! In which Valerie has joined the trio, Sam has powers, Tucker has a robo-suit and Jazz had developed telepathy. Not...
Girl Next Door // Danny Phantom + Reader by eddie_kaspbrak_boi
Girl Next Door // Danny Phantom 𝐄𝐃𝐃𝐈𝐄 𝐊𝐀𝐒𝐏𝐁𝐑𝐀𝐊 �...
She's the girl next door and all the guys want her. Danny Fenton doesn't stand a chance with her. But will a newfound fate bring them together?