Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: True Love Breaks Any Curse

(Emma P.O.V)

My first instinct was to run. I looked back in panic at Killian who suddenly had a horrified expression on his face. Slowly, I moved my hand behind my back and concentrated on making him disappear. I waved my hand and quickly glanced back, relieved to see he was no longer there.

If I had done the spell correctly, he should be with Regina and Robin. If not, I had bigger problems than the ice queen that wanted to kill my boyfriend. "Um, who's Killian Jones?" I asked. "He's also known as Captain Hook. You've not heard of him?" Elsa asked. "No... Um, may I ask why you want him dead, or..." I trailed off.

"Yes... Wait where did your friend go?" She said suspiciously "Oh, him? He went... To go get some help. You know, to bring you a... Mode of transport back to the town," I said, remembering she probably didn't know what a car was.

"Oh... How generous," she said "but I prefer to fight my own battles. And that will start with getting rid of you," she said, shooting ice at me. Everything went black...

(Killian's P.O.V)

When I saw the woman, I sensed a vague familiarity, but brushed it off. God, I'm an idiot. Emma started talking to her after I got annoyed with her for calling my beautiful princess a peasant. When she told Emma she wanted to kill Killian Jones, I realized who she was. Her name wasn't Elsa. It was really Natalie.


It was shortly after my brother's death, after I'd become a pirate, and I was depressed. My crew and I were at a bar, like any usual night, and I saw a woman that I liked the looks of. She had long blonde locks, a thin frame, and from up close, she had enchanting pale blue eyes.

Come to think of it now, she looked an awful lot like my Swan. Except of course the eyes. Anyway, I walked up to her, pretending to be drunk. "Well, hello there, lass. Aren't you quite the beauty?" I slurred. She looked at me and rolled her eyes, turning back to her friends, who were calling her Natalie.

I put my hand on her shoulder. Come on now, love, what do you say we go back to my ship and get to know each other a little better?" I said sadistically. "How about you leave me alone? Go find another woman to try to get you laid," she spat at me. "I like the feisty ones," I said, raising my eyebrows.

I left her alone for an hour or so before returning, happy to see she was drunk. I managed to get her to come with me back to my ship and we starting making out before she took out a knife and tried to slit my throat. I caught it though, and in a second, had her pinned to the wall with the small knife at her throat.

"What do you think you're doing?" I demanded. She said nothing. At the time, I was still very frustrated at my brother's death and I just lost it. I threw her into the near freezing ocean, and she never came up. After about 10 minutes, I went back inside.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*Present day*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The next thing I knew, I was in the barn house, in front of a bewildered Regina and Robin. "Hoo- Killian?!?" Regina said, "what are you doing here?!?" "Elsa...we found her, she wants me dead!" I got out. "Oh, perfect!" Regina said sarcastically. "Emma transported me here," I said.

Regina waved her hand. "Cloaking spell," she explained after I gave her a questioning look, "to anyone who sees you as an enemy, you will appear different," she said. "We need to find Emma!" I said. Regina sighed and we started running into the forest.

When we arrived around the spot we had found... Natalie...there was no sign of either her or Emma. I started to panic, but before it got bad, Robin called me over, "Um... Killian?!? You might want to see this!" He said nervously, making me feel like I really didn't want to see it.

I ran over to Robin, now with Regina beside him, and knelt down. What I saw almost made me scream like a bloody two year old. "Emma..." I whispered is horror. There before us, completely covered in a thick layer of ice was my Swan.

"No. No, no, no!" I said, trying to break the ice, by put realizing I didn't have a hook to use anymore and ended up bruising my knuckle. I didn't have my sword either. Regina tried throwing a fire ball at her, but I stopped her in fear it would hurt Emma.

All I could do was sit there in shock, Emma's head in my lap, sobbing. I leaned down and whispered "I love you, Emma. Please, come back to me," and kissed her frozen lips. There was a blast that blew my hair, but she didn't wake up, or thaw out. I was quickly losing the hope I had gotten when the blast that happened during a TRUE LOVE'S KISS.

Suddenly, The ice around Emma began to melt. Soon, all that was left of the ice was a soaking wet Emma. "Swan! Emma! Oh god! You scared me so much!" Tears were falling again, "Emma, I love you, please don't ever do that again!" To shut me up, she grabbed my face and kissed me.

I forgot that Regina and Robin were behind us, and Emma clearly did too because the kiss lasted quite a long time. Not that she was getting any complaints from me. Eventually, Emma smiled and broke the kiss up. "I'm sure it's nine thirty by now," she said.

I helped her up and the four of us made our way back to the hill to meet Rumple, David and Belle. I wrapped her in my leather jacket. She accepted, gratefully looking up at me and smiling. "I love you too," she whispered, taking my hand as we walked through the forest.

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