Before I Lose Myself -Lashton-

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Luke ran into the school with Calum and Harry. They were smiling and laughing, and then Luke spotted Ashton. Ashton was standing with Michael and Niall.

"Hey faggot!" Luke rushed over to Ashton.

"L-Luke." Ashton stuttered. Luke pushed Ashton against the locker. Luke kicked Ashton's legs, knocking him over. Ashton hit the ground with a large thud. His eyes pricked with tears.

"Aw is the freak gonna start crying?" Luke leaned down to Ashton. Ashton looked up at Luke with tears streaming down his face and already having a bloody nose from the impact to the floor. Luke pulled his fist back, but stopped.

"L-Luke don't h-hurt me!" Ashton wiped the tears and blood off of his face. Luke slowly backed up and looked at Ashton. Oddly, he had a feeling of guilt. Like he felt bad for hurting Ashton. He ran off quickly.

"Do you want is to finish?" Harry asked while shouting. Luke just kept running. Not replying to Harry. Leaving Ashton as a bloody and teary eyed mess.


Thanks for reading guys! For chapter 2 just ask for it. Lashton time will come in a few chapters depending on how long I make the next few. -ciarra

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