A shock

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I was shocked and I had tears in my eyes listening to his voice. I can't lose him forever.

'Angie, Angie...' I could hear that he was crying.

'German, calm down. Everything is going to be okay. Now tell me what happened.' I tried to let my voice not tremble.

'It is Violetta.' He tried to speak slowly. Tears were falling down my cheek. Not Violetta.

'What about Violetta? Is she alright? What happened?'

I tried not to sound in panic, in case it will only make German more sad. He needed to calm down, otherwise I was going to freak out.

'She had an accident, Angie. A car hit her..  other witnesses said that she didn't pay attention because she was with her head somewhere else. Do you know if anything happened at the studio today?'

'Is she alright?'

'Yes, she is alright. I am just really worried and I hate saying my baby girl like this, but the doctor said that everything will be alright. I am a bit in shock I guess. But you didn't answer my question...'

'You didn't answer my question in the first place... but I don't know.'

but I did know... she was probably sad because of me... because she knew I was still in love German. A stream of guilt filled my whole body. Oh no. It is all my fault.

'Okay, Angie. Thanks!'

'German, wait! Can't I know where she is? I want to be with her.'

'I am already with her with Esmeralda. You better don't come, it might be too much for her. She is sleeping now.' who the hell does he think he is? Thinking Esmeralda be there and I don't.

'Then how can it be too much for her? I am sorry but she is my life, and if 2 people is the max, I will let Esmeralda walk through the doors. I am her aunt, German, and what is Esmeralda? Your supposed to be girlfriend... she is never going to be able to seperate me from Vilu, even though she would like to be able to do that.'

'Angie! Don't rise a tone like that to me!'

'Says who... tell me where Violetta is.'


'Great... you are doing exact the same as always, shutting me out of her life, making the same mistake. Because I won't rest until I have found her. You should have known better. Goodbye.'

I hung up, and ran to the Studio, to the teacher's lounge. I started the main laptop with information about all the students, and found the phone number of their GP. He would be able to tell me Violetta's whole medical and health file. I asked him if anything happened to her, and he said that indeed something happened. Not so long ago, she had been taken to the hospital with a broken leg and some cuts in her head. I asked him to which hospital, because I was her aunt and wanted to visit her. He told me, and I said 'thank you' really fast and hung up.

I took my car and drove to the hospital their GP told me.

I walked to the reception.

'I am coming for Violetta Castillo.'

'She is in room 4.178.'

'Thank you.'

I run to her room, and walked in.

German looked at me with a suprised and mad face.

'I underestimated you.' He said.

'I had do anything for her.'

'Then leave, she needs her rest.'

'Not before she leaves.' I pointed at Esmeralda. I immediately turned my back to her, so I didn't have to see her ugly face and walked towards Violetta. I sat next her and gave her a kiss on her forehead.

I looked at her foot, which was put high in the air.

'Angie...' She whispered..

'Hi sweetheart.'

'Omg Angie.' She started crying.

'Everything is going to be alright honey.'

'Great job, Angie. You made her cry, she needed to stay calm.'

'Wasn't it you who wanted to know what was going through her head? and now she is about to reveal it and all you care about is my presence.'

'Dad, can I talk to Angie in private, please.'

German looked at me angrily, took Esmeralda's hand and walked out of the door.

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