Special Thanks! (Author's Note)

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Hey guys, LimeLion here for some special notes, I guess. I think I already covered it all, but...

Let's try this, anyways.

•Special thanks to my teacher (who I won't name on here...) this year. My English teacher, not the others...

She taught me the most important things I know about writing, so I thank her!

•Special thanks to all of my lions. All 200+ of you make my day better. When I'm having a hard time, I can just talk to you guys, and you make me feel better.

•Special thanks to all of my IRL friends (who will never see this cuz they don't know I have a Wattpad >:3) for actually talking to the shy nerd in their class.

If you didn't know, my school year ended yesterday. Let's just say...

Tears were shed.

My class this year was one big family. We never argued, and always worked as a team for everything. We all became best friends, so I was really upset to say goodbye. My English teacher (the one I mentioned earlier) even broke down saying bye to everyone. I was insanely sobbing, and my whole class hugged me before leaving because they were trying to cheer me up.

So, all of my IRL friends from my class,


eww, no, not that way.

I'm friendly, I swear.

Those were some short special thanks!

Baiii all my little lions!

Have a good summer, except for Neryece and others in the UK, who are still in school.

Best wishes, my friends.

And join da pride today!

Tomorrow, the new book is released!

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