Chapter 2

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A few things so you know what they mean. Anyways onwards to the story!!!!

Mega-cycle: 1 hour

Solar-cycle: 1 Cybertonian/ 20 Earth hours

Deca-cycle: 1 month

Stellar-cycle: 1 Cybertronian year/ 400 Earth days, 480 Solar Cycles

Sparkling: Baby

Optics: Eyes

Servos: Hands

Peds: Feet

Sire: Father/Dad

Carrier: Mother/Mum

Faceplate: face

Spark chamber: Heart/soul

Younglings: Children/kids

Creators: Parents

source of information: units of time/ Continuity



"I'm sorry Prime but there's nothing left." Mumbled Ironhide, jumping down a small mountain of rubble that once was somebots home.

"Let alone any signs of life." Added in Ratchet. "Let's go before any Decepticon scouts arrive to this location."

"Understood," Sighed Optimus, his spark full of guilt but was quickly replaced by his 2 Deca-cycle old daughter, who sent him love. "Autobots ro..."

Before he could finish, the sound of a sparkling gurgling noise echoed around the three bots. Causing the three of them to freeze in there tracks.


"Yes, Prime,"

"See if you can locate that noise."

"Understood Sir." Said Ratchet, quickly popping something up on his arm. Not long after, Ratchet was able to pinpoint the location of the sparkling. But the sight of its spark level made Ratchet's face drop. "Scrap. Prime! I've found the sparkling but its very faint!"

"How much time do we have?" Asked Optimus, rushing to Ratchets side.

"Not that long. Ironhide!"

 "WHAT!" Snapped Ironhide.

"Come here and remove this broken wall." Snapped Ratchet. "Big Sparkling." He mumbled.

"What was that?" Growled Ironhide, threateningly walking up to Ratchet and getting up in his face.

"Nothing." He sighed. "Just remove that wall carefully, please."

Grumbling under his breath, Ironhide reluctantly did what he was told and carefully removed the crumbled wall. Revealing a yellow and black sparkling wrapped in a silver cloth.

"It's a sparkling." Said Ironhide sounding shocked 

"Yes and a weak one at that." Committed Ratchet, walking over and gently grabbing the sparkling. "Optimus, we need to hurry if we want to keep this little guy functioning. He'll be more stable when we get him to the medbay." 

"Understood old friend, Ironhide you will take point in front of Ratchet while I stay right behind him. We must keep Ratchet and that sparkling safe until we make it back to base."  Ordered Optimus, transforming and making his way over to Ratchet who also transformed the sparkling carefully sitting inside of him.

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