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jgfairytales wrote her first story when she was seven-years-old. She typed it up on the computer in size 16 font with the text on the bottom, then printed it out, and "illustrated" the scenes above the text. It was a chapter and picture book; mind you, the story ended in just five chapters. It was the cliché—the evil witch kidnaps the princess and prince charming saves the day...

jgfairytales had always loved reading as a child. So much so, that after her parents would tuck her in at night, while they'd think she was asleep, she would actually be up reading from the light of her nightlight and the moon outside where she grew up in New York. She ended up ruining her eyesight and has needed glasses (but now wears contacts) since she was eight! Don't do what jgfairytales did.

Not until middle school, when she had to write short stories and poetry for class, did she realize she really liked writing. So she decided when she was eleven to write for fun, on her own time.

Not until she was thirteen did she realize, "Hey! I could make a career out of this!" It wasn't until jgfairytales was fifteen when she discovered Wattpad. This was back when there wasn't even an app for your phone! It was literally just a website: www.Wattpad.com.

jgfairytales loved the sense of community on Wattpad back then. Everyone was so supportive of each other and everyone loved reading each other's work. There were even editors and critics posting their adverts on the community forum. Having an "editing" book, or even a "graphics" book, was pretty rare back then. If you needed an editor, or even wanted to join a book club, you went to the forum.

But she has stuck with the orange Wattpad logo for over ten years, now. (Has it really been that long?) And yet, Wattpad is still such a supportive community! jgfairytales loves Wattpad! There's no place else like it.

She first started editing, proofreading, and critiquing her peers' academic, technical, and creative papers in college. Not until she graduated with her bachelor's degree, did she open up the enterprise of jgfairytales Freelance Services part-time while she was working another full-time job to pay the bills.

However, when she decided to go back to school and earn her master's degree, she unfortunately had to limit her freelance services to a quarter-time, so she could focus on her studies while also still working her day job. After two years of persistence and grit, she graduated with her master's and became part of the 9% of Americans with such a degree.

During the day, jgfairytales works as a communications public relations manager for a nonprofit in North Carolina. In the evenings, she editorial freelances part-time again and keeps up with her social life. Every so often, when inspiration strikes, she also finds time for writing her own fiction. Maybe by the time she's thirty, she'll actually publish something.

In the meantime, she's excited to have you join her on this ride as she writes her way through the ups and downs of her late twenties.

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