part 5-magical coincidence or destiny itself?

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next morning - after 2 days where Shivi finished her shoot for love by chance and mohsin had a great time with his family but kbhi kbhi Sochlia krte Thry dono Ek dusreke baaremai 😛😂

At Shivi's home -
Shivi's pov
ohgod mere love by chance ka episodic toh khatam hogaya ab mai kyaa krungi I need to find work soon. But usse Pehle Shivi you need to relax first to get back on toes Itna acha shoot hua self treat toh banta hai and she thinks to pamper herself.
glam salon and spa -
Shivi - hello, glam salon I need to book an appointment for a body spa and hair spa with manicure pedicure please can you let me know the time I shall come?
Lady - yes ma'am, can you please wait.. Mam we have booked your appointment for 3pm today will it be convenient for you?
Shivi - yes ,please book my appointment. Thank you
She gets ready after a quick hot shower and decides to go to shopping after her session. She picks a pink crop top with blue denim shorts and a cute bow sling to go out for the day and of course she applies some Kajal ,and her favorite strawberrry lip butter, and sheer love. She looks drop dead gorgeous clicks a selfie and uploads with caption,
she's a nightmare dressed like a daydream 💕

 She looks drop dead gorgeous clicks a selfie and uploads with caption, she's a nightmare dressed like a daydream 💕

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wow shivi you have no rights to look so beautiful she mumbles and gets ready to go she takes a cab and leaves. After leaving a note for her mumma, mumma I'm going to the salon I'll be late as I'm gonna go shopping after this bye love You take care and miss me.
Meanwhile at Mohsin's place -
he is scrolling his instagram and damn he sees her photo and is completely bowled out by her beauty, and drools over her.
Mohsin's pov -
How on earth can someone be so so beautiful gorgeous stunning hot sexy uff all adjectives in this world fail miserably to describe her heaven on earth she is 😭😭🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥..

Meanwhile at the spalon-
Shivi decides to get a haircut and she chooses feather cut with Layers for the haircut and after that again she clicks and posts it on instagram, #newlookloveit 💕

Mohsin's home -
again, he sees and Is in awe of her, oh God Ladki hai ya misile Marti rehti hai har second, kya addaeyein hai uff, laakho Ladko ka qatal karti hai yeh ladki roz not fair. 😭😭💕

Shivi is done with her haircut and body spa ,and now for manicure she chooses baby pink nail paint with some glitter and is done with her nails. and posts a story of herself with the cute filter. And a boomerang which is effing cute.

Mohsin's pov -
He again sees her story and is left dumbfound breathless, and thinks aajtoh tu gaya beta zinda nai rahega tu agar ussne Aisehi posts se waar kiatoh tutoh gayo mohsin 😂😂😂

Shivi goes to the Oberoi mall and shops, from almost every shop and buys clothes, makeup, shoes, and everything else. She was a shoppoholic person after all. 😂😂 and then hunger strikes her and she goes to a bhelpuri stall -
Bhaiya Ek teekhi sevpuri banaayein and relishes her sevpuri devouring each bite.. She is a girl full of life who adds days to life. Her smile ever so enchanting like a sun that shines ever so brightly, her golden heart as deep as ocean, her eyes full of dreams gleaming with purity and innoncence 💕, she heads over to the juhu beach and plays with the waves and sits on the rocks and thinks to Herself-
Shivi's pov -
Life is so beautiful when you are at utter peace and when you smile your brightest, everything around is so serene when you have someone who loves you so much, I'm so blessed to have such a sweet family. Aah, love You zindagi 💕 with a beautiful smile playing on her lips she heads back to home.
Shivi's mom - princess, did You shop so much really? Kahan rakhogi yehsaare kapde already you have soo many of them..
Shivi - mumma mumma, I'm so happy, I don't know why but I'm feeling so positive and happy I'm having a feeling that I'm the luckiest girl on this planet.
Shivi's mom - kyabaat hai baddi khush lagriho tumtoh. Bhagwan kare Tum Aisehi Hasti raho always.
Shivi-mumma aap mere sath ho toh mai kyunai hasungi.? Heheee.
Shivi's mom- shaitaan, Ho Tum bhot badi..
Shivi-mumma, ouch abtoh kaan mat kheecho I'm a big girl now.
Shivi's mom - badi aayi big girl wali you are my Chotuu Shivi only jisko maine chalna sikhaya tha and jisko maine Bada kiyahai, abhi Tum mere liye always choti rahogi princess.
Shivi - Alle, mumma love you so much 💕 aap nai hotei toh Mera kya hota.
Shivi's mom - butter, toast pe lagane keliye bachaake Rakho.

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