knock knock are the feelings entering sleathily.?

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Mohsin's pov -
This morning I was sleeping on the couch the minute I woke up to her angelic face, I felt as if all my pain vanished one smile from Shivi and all my pains flew away as if they never existed, her enchanting smile and the cute innocent face makes me melt and I think some people are worth melting for, I can spend my whole life adoring this beautiful face of hers, but wait mohsin beta break lagale she is your friend chee kaise khayal Aarehai Tere Mann mai kucb soche jaarahai ekdum filmy Keeda ghussgaya hai dimag mai Bada ayaa shivi ke sath zindagi bitane Wala pehle usske sth dosti toh sambhaal le usske baad sochna aur khayali pulaav pakanaa, but on a serious note bhot pain horahai ek kaam Karta hu hot shower leta hu back pe acha lagega Haan, but ek min jaanese pehle Ek photo bntahai and he clicks a photo of sleeping shivi in his phone and leaves.

At Mohsin's room-
aaj shivi kehrithi interview hai first time reporters ke sath so kuch smart pehna padega and picks a blue shirt and jeans and heads for shower, and the most handsome guy is shirtless, 😍😍 pesh hai aapke liye mohsin khan.

After shower while he is changing and is in his towel there's a knock on the door assuming it to be someone for room service he opens the door and says come in,
the person comes in mohsin reaches the persons hand and says towel dedo jaldi, and turns back and is shocked to see shivi who is hiding her eyes with her tiny hands
Mohsin - Shivi tu idhar Kya krrihai kyahua.
Shivi - sorry Momo woh mai Tera haal janne aaithi mujhe nai patatha you are having shower, sorry mai baadmai aatihu and is about to go but accidentally slips due to the floor being wet and lands in his arms and shreiks before she falls Momo catches her and their eyes meet,
Shivi's pov -
hey bhagwan Kaha usske room mai agayi bechara embarrased hogaya hoga meri wjse and shit shivi kbhi bhi Girey bina kyuni chalskti and what firse iske arms mai whatt oh my God ,he is so hot Uffffff how can someone be so deadly hot Uffffff and is just oggling him dreamily.

Moshin's pov
Shivi achanak agayai and she saw me shirtless bechari kitna awkward feel krtihogi ektoh tubhi gadha dekhnai sktatha ya puch nai sakta Tha ke darwaazein pe Kaun hai aisehi andar aaanedia and wait again I catch her from falling I guess she loves falling in my arms yaa toh God is too much meherbaan on me, but what I saw next was enough to make me wonder, she was drooling on me like literally, and I was lost in her eyes ,momo ghurna bandh kar and get back to reality.

Shivi's pov -
Uffffff what the hell Shivi how can you be so crazy aise ghurrithi ussko gadhhii kya sochega woh mere baare mai, now miss Shivi stop drooling and get back to reality where You have to face him.

Shivi - looking down thanks momo for saving me Wohh mai bas Puchne aaithi tu theek haina.
Momo - lifts her chin, shivi neeche kyu dekhri hai idhar Dekh and Haan ek min he goes to the side and changes his tee and gets back.
Shivi - looks into his eyes and sees innocence dripping Wohh aaj hamara interview hai at the ghat tu ajanaa.
Momo - Haan Shivi mai aajaunga don't worry ,and Haan jobhi hua uska itna zyada mat Soch it's okay chill it happens.
Shivi - smiles slightly and is about to leave.
Mohsin's pov
Itna sad sad jaarihai kuch toh Karna padega Ummm and starts.
Momo - shivi mai bhot handsome hu na I know tu kitni lucky hai ke tujhe mere sath kaam krneka mauka milla.
Shivi - ya ya ya Mr mohsin khan kesath toh kaam krneke liye mai Taras rahithi Itne saalo se and koi handsome nai hai tu zyda udd Matt Bada Aya handsome Wala.
Momo - mai handsome hu Tu chahe maane ya nai maane, but Haan tu bhi bhot beautiful hai 
Shivi - smiles and says thank-you. Mujhe patahai tu jaankrke Yehsab kartahai to distract me.
Momo - scratches the back of his head and says Wohh mai Wohh mai
Shivi - haha momo rehnede tujhse nai hone walaa yehsab but on a serious note tu bhot achahai.
Momo  - smiles and says chalo madam interview lene room mai koinai aayega humko Jana padega khudse.
Shivi - Tera sense of humour Bilkul Tere jaisa hai, tujhe Bas angry bird mode suit krtahai.
Momo  - mai angry bird naihu smjhi tu.
Shivi - acha Waise back kaisa hai Tera.
Momo - better lagrahai hot water bath ke Baad.
Shivi - baraf lagate rehna aur ointment bi theek Hojaayega.
Momo -haanji aurkuch. Naihihai toh challe neeche.
Shivi - chalo, 

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