part 10- friendship leading to something beautiful in hearts?

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mohsin applied ice the whole night and fell asleep on the same bed and Shivi slept the other side.
Mohsin's pov -
I woke up suddenly at night and found myself in Shivi's room, I kind of had a mini heart attack, mohsin OMG gadhaa baraf laagate laagate khud sogaya tu usske room mai Shit woh kya sochegi Tere baaremai and got up to Leave,

Shivi's pov -
I woke up little from my sleep and recalled that I had swelling in my leg and Mohsin was aplying ice to my swelling,but then suddenly  I got up and saw him leaving.

Mohsin's pov -
I froze at my place when shivi called me Momo ,and found her awake, and the next statement was please Momo kahi mat jaa ruk idhar mere pass, and that's it I started adoring her angelic face and the beautiful sparkling smile and those big eyes of her which so filled with emotions said me this. How adorable she is, Mujhe laga chilaaegi woh mujhe dekhke but yetoh. 🙈

Shivi - rukjaa Momo kahi mat jaa ruk idhar mere pass.
Mohsin - shivi, I thought tu Gussa karegi mujhe idhar dekhke ,woh actually mai baraf lagaate laagate Kab aaankh laggayi I don't know even utha waise hi I was just about to leave I swear Mera koi galat intention nai Tha.
Shivi - smiled and said, I trust you.
Mohsin - I'm sorry I'm Sorry please don't say this.
Shivi - mohsin maine Kaha I trust you.
Mohsin - trust me?  Kaise Shivi we recently met and tutoh jaanti bhi nai Merko achhese still.
Shivi - mohsin, trust is like woh jispe aatahai Uspe Ekbarii mai hi aajatahai and Jispe nai aata Usspe saalo ke baad bi nai aatahai.
Mohsin - speechless he was. He got so touched.
Shivi - and tujhpe I trust starting se patanai why but I felt like trusting you Jabse we met.
Mohsin - this really means a lot to me shivi, that you found me trustworthy and I'll make sure I never break your trust.
Shivi - I know you won't and toda toh I'll kick you.
Mohsin - haha baba nai todunga Marna hai kya mujhe shivangi joshi ka trust todke.
Shivi - haha very funny.
Mohsin - I'm a person jo easily trust nai Karta kisiko but I really trust you too.
Shivi - thank you for trusting me.
Mohsin - chal abhi you sleep I'll go
Shivi - momo stay here it's fine. Kaha abhi room pe Wapas jaaega you look so sleepy.
Mohsin - but, I thought you won't be comfortable.
Shivi - no,  Tere sath kaisa uncomfortable aaja idhar hi rehle.
Mohsin - I'll sleep on the couch and you sleep on the bed no arguments.
Shivi - maibi sosakti hu couch pe and tu bed Pe soja
Mohsin - bola na no arguments bas sleep on bed chup chaap.
Shivi - makes a puppy face, and says okaye goodnight.
Mohsin - good night.

Shivi's pov -
Mohsin is such a gentleman, mere room mai mujhehi baraf laagate sogaya woh and just because mai uncomfortable naihu he told me Everything, that Is the best about him he is a very pure soul.

Mohsin's pov -
Shivi has such a beautiful soul,  I mean she trusts me since beginning I really owe her for her genrosity. Bhot pyaari hai woh God please keep her happy forever.

Next day morning -
Mohsin - Shivi, uth shoot hai 7bje ka and it's 6:00 am.
Shivi - aahnn, mohsin sone de mujhe and tubhi Soja.
Mohsin - shivi, 7am ka call time hai and Aaj time pe nai pohche toh daant padegi please baba uthjana.
Shivi - ahhhhh okay, and gets up making a puppy face.
Mohsin - Alle so cute., Ja ab uth.
Shivi - Haan tubhi jaa ready honeke liye.
Mohsin's pov -
I'm about to leave and I shreik with pain,
Shivi - eh, kyahua kyu chilaya.
Mohsin - IDK, why my back is aching, badly and it's Killing me.
Shivi - kyya kaise. Wait tu bheth, Mai Dawai leke aarihu I have volini.
Mohsin - yaa thank-you.
Shivi - yeh le spray and lagale.
Mohsin - thanks, and tries to apply but his hands aren't Reaching.
Shivi - laughs, rhenede tujhse nai hoga. I'll do it.
Mohsin - are you sure,  I mean.
Shivi - pull your tee Upar and back mai dikha kahape pain horhahai.
Mohsin - Wohh lower back mai and shoulder ke neeche waale area mai.
Mohsin's pov -
The minute I said her where it was paining, I felt her soft fingers against my skin,  and a current passed through my body, her hands on my back ache felt like ice on a wound, so soothing and so soft.

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