part 7-is it just friendship or little special feeling 😉

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At midnight 2am -
Shivi's pov -
dear diary,
Today was a beautiful day at work, I'm so blessed that I have got mohsin as my co-actor, kitna achha, sweet aur caring hai woh banda like usne meri Chott ka kitna khayal rakha itni apne jaisi feeling aayi. Lagta hinai that woh abhi abhi dost bana Mera, and about work, I did well as naira, of course mohsin ne Bhot help Kari meri but over all I did good. But I don't know why I'm little nervous for the Upcoming scene in rhishikesh, where I have to be apparently another character called Tina, who is a shrewd but soft hearted girl running away from her family, the emotional scene when I meet Akshara in the show, my mother and I deny to identify her, thats so heart breaking for any mother. I wonder how would I act all this. God please give me strength to deal with such scenes and also the patience to ace each scene. Apart from this , I cannot hold my excitement anymore I'm going to Dehradun my home town and see papa, Samar, Sheetal and every relative. They being there just would be enough to make me work harder and harder. Family is where love begins, apparently my show is all about that too. So beautiful life is when you have people whom you love by your side. Well, super busy day tomorrow too, I need to sleep. Goodnight dairy.
Love shivi

Mohsin's pov -
tomorrow is a new day, and I wish this new day brings beautiful memories Allah and grant peace and happiness to everyone around me, and please also Shivi ko theek kardena, that cute girl jiske chehre pe bas muskurahat Achhi lagti hai, jisski muskurahat dekhke kisika bi Din banjaaye, aisi ladki patanai Kaha hoti hai Aajkal ke zamane mai, itni pyaari itni maasum. Mohsin, dost hai woh Teri itnaa kyu sochna, uff idiot Soja, bhot yaad Karlia ussko.

Next day -
Mohsin's place -
Mohsin - Aaj I'll wear red tee and black jacket and Blue Jeans ammi nikal ke rakhna mai Abbajan ke sath walk ke jaarha hu.
Abbajan - chalo mohsin, jaldi beta late hojaoge tum
Mohsin to him - Abbajan, aap Itne fit kaise hai roz itni Subha Subha walk krne aateho and Maitoh aediyon ki Tarah sota hu mujhse Nai hotahai yesab.
Abbajan - beta, healthy rehna bhot important hotahai and uzsebi zyda khush rehna and Iss Morning walk se itna sukoon milta hai na bachhe kabhi try Karna.
Mohsin - sukoon, ka toh pata nai alas zarur aatihai.
Abbajan - shaitaan.
Mohsin - goes back and takes a quick shower and changes and leaves for the sets.

Shivi's pov -
Shivi wakes up and tries to stand when her ankle hurts, Ouchh, yehtoh bhot dukhrha hai, but Shivi you are strong. Isse Kuch nai hotahai.
Shivi - mumma, Mera orange juice and fruits dijiye I need to go to the sets. Jaldi.. Please.
Shivi's mom - yelo, princess. But hamesha kya Itna rookha sookha Khana, kbhitoh garma garam Paratha, khaya Karo.
Shivi - mumma, mujhe fit rehna hai wohsab khaya na toh I'll turn chubby. Aapko yaad hai na woh vishy love by chance ke time I was so chubby, Itnaaaaaaa tough thaa to loose weight, ab jab I'm in shape aap mujhe Wapas Mota Karna chahte Ho.
Shivi's mom - okay, princess but I want you to be healthy faaltu ke golgappe and teekha Khaake always beemar padti ho tum.
Shivi - mumma, wohsab toh meri life hai unke bina Mera guzara nai hotahai.
Shivi's mom - Pagal kahiki jaa ab late nai horhahai. I have taken out black tee, and blue shorts for you jaao ready hojaao.
Shivi - Thankyou, mom I'm going for shower.
Shivi's pov - Ahh, black tees are love jabhi I wear black I feel so positive. Haaye. She wears a shrug and takes a black bag pack, puts on Kajal, and lipstick clicks a selfie, and puts instagram story hash tag #readyfortheday 💕😉

Mohsin's pov -
here, I reached the sets and was wondering where is Shivi, I got the crepe bandaid for her, and there she comes all beautifully decked up in black tee blue shorts, and her accessories, damm she looks so pretty. But wait still her leg is hurting.

Shivi's pov -
Ouchh, my leg is hurting, mumma I hope I'm able to. Manage and walk. I need to sit down somewhere first and then go to my vanity.

Mohsin - hi shivi, good morning how is your leg.?
Shivi - hi, my leg is good if I lie , and Sach kautoh it's hurting a lot.
Mohsin - bola tha bacho jaise mat Bhag but you had to run. Ab bhugto
Shivi - Subha Subha shuru nai kar please. And daantna Bandh kar
Mohsin - Sorry sorry, acha aaja dressing Karke deta hu mai crepe bandaid leke aayahu.
Shivi - Aww, thank you. Han please.
Mohsin's pov -
ohgod, iskitoh swelling badhgayi hai, yeh ladki Isko bola tha ice pack use karneko but I'm sure nai Kia hoga isne, Aaj doctor ke pass lejaaunga agar theek naihua toh.

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