part2- how do these two souls cross path?

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Mohsin wakes up in the midnight to drink water and decides to sleep when one notification breaks his sleep..  It was a comment from a fan under his latest post .  Which read,  dear mohsin khan you are so charming and cute and such a versatile actor I love you as Samar keep up the good work and continue achieving success..  Mohsin's Pov-
People love Samar so much, do I actually do so well that People love me so much.? I mean the amount of love I get from fans is my biggest strength which motivates me to do better each day. 
Then read a comment which said. - I wish dreamgirl goes for years and years and we see you as Samar.. 
Mohsin's pov-
How sweet of them to think like this,  but wait am I doing something wrong leaving dreamgirl?  The thought triggered mohsin and thinking about this he slowly drifted to sleep.

Shivi's home-
Offo,  yeh neend kyunai aarhihai mujhe Kabse koshish Karrihu but yeh neend ne tohh jaise mujhse muh mod liya hai..  Waise lemme check instagram Kafi time se achhese nai Kia,  and she goes on and sees the edits made by fans and likes them.. 

Shivi's pov-
They always make sure to make beautiful edits no matter if I'm online or not, whenever I see them I feel so blessed that I have so many people who love me..  Truly lucky I am.  Then she reads some negative comments on her post and gets  hurt.. As she is a sensitive soul she easily gets hurt..  Trying to divert her mind she decides to fetch herself some hot chocolate and chill seeing F.R.I.E.N.D.S .. whenver she watches it she feels so fresh as a daisy and forget all her worries of the world..  She believes in love strongly, and feels that it is something that can Change someone's life for good..  Rachel and Ross are her dream goals as a couple.,  and she starts thinking that does love like this exist in real life too..  I Mean not the cheesy mushy baby love but the beautiful deep love where two people understand each other without words and their eyes do the talking.. She wondered..  And thought to herself.. Will I ever find someone who would love me like Rachel loves Ross.. Arre tumtoh shivangi joshi Ho Mumma's princess tumhei tohh sabse best hi milegaa😛😂😂 and yet she didn't feel sleepy..  And so she starts writing in her diary.

Dear diary,
Today I took the decision to do a episodic of love by chance leaving Begusarai..  I have so many mixed feelings, I'm excited as hell to do a popular show's episodic but at the same time so nervous that would I be able to perform well..  And on top of that after leaving begusurai would I loose support from fans..  She continues writing her pure feelings and prays to God and goes to the bed..

Next morning. -
mohsin's room-
Ammi- mohsin beta uthjaao jaldi Tumhara call time hai 7 am ka and tumho ke soraheho..  Pakka raatko derse soyehogey..
Mohsin-  Coming on his ammi's lap
ammi Aapkotoh pata hai mujhe neend aatinai hai raatko jaldi se mushkil se Subha aankhein lagti hai tab uthneka time hojata hai...  This is not fair he cribbed and made a cute face.. 
Ammi-chupkar not fair Wala, and uthenge Janab aap and taiyaar hojaao mai lunch pack Karti hu..
Mohsin- patanai roz Subha hoti hi kyuhai. Ektoh itni neend aarihai and uparse aajtoh 7am-7pm hai, Aarre re beta mohsin bhaag jaldi warna tutoh gaya, waisebi tumtoh sabse punctual Ho aisekaise late hojaaoge.. 

Mohsin's pov-
roz Subha hoteihi yeh Socho kya pehnu uff..  He picks a dark blue denim tee and pairs it with his light Blue Jeans and wears his black leather jacket..  Ab baari aatihai his most time consuming task..  Setting his hair.. 😂😂😂
He carefully sets each strand perfectly looking cutest as ever..  And picks his tiffin and touches feet of ammi Abbajan and leaves...

Shivi's home -
Shivi's pov-
ohhteri shivi aajtoh late hogayi... Margayiiii mummmaaaa bachao.. 8baje ka call time hai and 7:30 horehai...
Shivi-mumma tumne mujhe uthaya kyu nai..  😢😢
Shivi's mom- princess ab Maine toh uthaya thaa but tumtou aaramse sorithi uthneka naam hi nai lerahi thii.. Mai kya Karu..
Shivi- uff Shivi Tera na sachhimai Kuch nai ho sakta.. Pagli.😂
Shivi's mom- Aaj Maine Tumharejaisi liye cheese paratha, Dahi aur chocolate milk shake pack kiyahai sbkuch khatam Karna and beech Mai fruits khaati rehna.. 
Shivi - ji mumma.. Aur Kuch..
Shivi's pov-
Uff Roz Subha hotei hi confusion ke Aaj kya pehnu mai..  She quickly picked up a black crop top paired with Blue Jeans and a full black shrug to go with jhumkas.. 
She lovedd dressing up..  She made a bun and applied some Kajal and baby pink lipstick and went for sets..

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