part 1- how destiny connects two souls?

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It is about two pure souls mohsin khan and Shivangi Joshi, the story unfolds like this Mohsin who is currently featuring as Samar in dream girl was sitting in his vanity and liking edits on instagram and twitter where suddenly he comes across a post, looking for a male lead after Leap for yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai. He was on notice period as it is and thought to go for the auditions mentally, and made a point to talk to his family for the same. Meanwhile in the sweet world of miss Shivangi Joshi she who works in Begusarai was not happy with her role now as she started feeling there is no growth in her character now, so she goes and have a word with her director for the same , shivangi - sir I have been working for this show since a long time and never felt like leaving or discontinuing it but now I don't feel like working for it further more,
Director - shivangi I understand it is important for every actor to grow in life and excel further but you would have to serve a notice period of a month before leaving. Shivi- yes sir I'll. Director- still think about it once before leaving it. Life doesn't always gives you such opportunities you have to earn it. Shivangi - yes sir. I know and I'm sure destiny has the best in store for me..

Narrator - little did she know destiny has the most loving person mohsin khan as her soul mate,

Mohsin's pov-
Masha'allah by God's grace I have got everything that matters to me but today I saw a beautiful movie notebook and I felt so beautiful seeing it. And I started thinking how beautiful love is how beautiful life becomes when you have someone who loves you, getting back from his dreamland he came back to the reality where he had to go for shot..

Shivangi's pov-
Is my decision correct to leave begusurai and give my career another opportunity . I mean that show has given me so much of experience as an actor I have learned, how to act each scene with perfect dialouge delivery and feelings and most importantly not to make it look fake. As an actor we all fear that whatever we do doesn't seem fake at all to the audience.. On the other hand, what will mumma react to my decision, will I be able to explain her my view point I really hope she understands my point. She has been my ultimate strength after all from my decision to be in this television world to my little things in life she has handled them all and today, when I'm thinking of leaving the show, she is the first person who should know all this...

God, please Bhagwanji meri Madad Karna I hope Mera decision Sahi Ho mai yeh toh nai jaanti mere life Mai kya hogaa but jobhi hoga achaa hoga...

Mohsin's pov-
After shoot he had decided to go back home and speak about his decision to leave dreamgirl and approach for a new audition for the longest running show yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai, I really hope they understand my decision and support me.. After all they have been my ultimate support system all these years. Mohsin positive Socho, he mumbled to himself.. Insha'allah sab acha hoga Momo Chinta mat Karo waisehi tu toh Bhagwanji ka favorite bachha hai toh woh Tere saath Kuch Galat kaise hone denge..

At Mohsin's place -
at dinner table -
ammi - mohsin Aaj Maine Tumhari Saari manpasand cheezein bnaai hai
Mohsin- haaye ammijaan kya baat hai Badaa pyaar aarahaai bete pe chakkar kya hai?
Ammi-chupkar shaitaan Teri yeh ammi toh tujhse hamesha pyaar Karti hai and Karti rahegi chahe kuchbi hojaaye..
Mohsin's pov- abhi baat Karta hu
Sajjad &zeba - ammi aap humse zyda hamesha Iss shaitaan se pyaar karte Ho this is not fair!!
Abbajan-arre mere bacchon maa baap Apne sabhi baccho se Bhot pyaar karte hai..
Kids- ji abbajan we love you ,they all do a family hug.

Mohsin- Abbajan, aap Itne acche kaise ho? Kya mai kabhi aapke jaisa ban paunga?
Abbajan-arre mere bacche tumtoh mujhse bi bhot achhe ho, mujhe pata hai Tum bhot tarakki karogey..
Mohsin- Abba Aaj Maine Ek article Dekha Thaa Bombay times mai, woh show pata hai aapko yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai?
Abbajan- Haan bete sunnatoh hai Maine
Mohsin - Abbajan uska Aaj article tha newspaper mai , it said they are looking for a male lead after leap. toh Maine socha kyaa mai try Karun uske liye?
Abbajan- kyunai bacche, Tum toh bhot talented ho and mujhe pata hai Tum bhot achhese auditions dogey!
Mohsin - Abba but yehtoh Itna badda show hai mai kaise karunga yeh! Kya unki expectation pe khara utaar paaunga mai?
Abbajan- zarur bachhe, hamesha Ek cheez yaad rakhna, life Mai Wohi Karo Jisme Tumhein khushi mille, and yeh mat Socho log kya sochenge.. Allah pe vishwaas Rakho sab acha hoga..
Mohsin- ji aap jaisa kahein Waisa...
Mohsin's pov- Abba se toh baat Krli ammi sajjad and zeba se Karta hu ab

Mohsin to ammi, zeba and sajjad
Jaise aaplogo ko pata hai mai notice period pe hu and jaldi Ek Naya show dhund rahatha toh...
Zeba-haan toh bhaii...
Sajjad - bhai Aagey bolo na
Mohsin-milgaya mujhe new show, yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai, ka leap aarahaai and wohlog male lead dhund Rahe hai toh Maine socha kyuna mai jaau!🙈
Zeba and sajjad- Hahaha, Tu and itnaa Bada show karega achhese muh dhokey aajaaa, Ja,
Mohsin starts leaving and zeba and sajjad together - Arre bhai masti Karhe they.. Aap best male lead hongey uss show ke liye aur kyaa pataa aapko aapki heroine bi mil jaaye!😂😂😂
Mohsin -heroine ke bachhe ruko abhi dikhata hu, and starts running..
Ammi- proud of you bachha.. And hugs him..
Mohsin's Pov- chalo phewww! Yehlog toh mangaye and ab mai dunga audition.

Another side - at Shivi's home
Shivi- mummmaaaa mummmaaaa aap kahaaaa Ho?
Shivi's mom- yehrai mai bachhe bolo kya Huaa, aagayi meri princess?
Shivi- mumma mujhe tumse baat karnihai..
Shivi's mom-bolo princess kya hua itni darri hui kyu ho Tum
Shivi-nai mumma mai kahan darrihui hu! Tumhein patahai na Tumhari princess bhot strong hai..
Shivi's mom- Haan Haan Wohtoh hai but beta mainaa mumma hu Tumhari mujhse chalaki nai Karo kuchnai chupta mujhse..
Shivi- makes a puppy face Okaye mumma.. Wohh na mai sochrihu that Mai begusurai chordun..
Shivi's mom- kya hua beta? Sab theek hai na.. achanak kyahua.. ?
Shivi - mumma Wohh mere character mai koi growth naihai.. And as an actor I want to learn new things but idhaar toh jaise limitations hai bhot Saari.. I feel trapped..
Shivi's mom- baat toh Sahi kahi hai princess but tumne socha hai kyaa karogi Aagey..?
Shivi- nai mumma wohto naipta mujhe and makes a cute face...😛
Shivi's mom- hey bhagwan Iss ladki ko akal dedo thori si..
Shivi - mai newspaper dekhti hu kuchtoh Milega.. And she sees an article.. Audition for a episodic of love by chance.. And she mentally thinks of going there for auditions.. Mumma kya mai jaau usske liye?

Shivi's mom- zarur betaaa karnaa Tum but abhi Tum aakey Khana Khaalo...
Shivi- nai aap mujhe khilaaao Khana..
Shivi's mom.- princess Kab badi hogi Tum.. Apne Prince Charming se bi aise Seva karvaogi roz Tum hainaa usse bi bologi baby please feed me.. teasing her..
Shivi - kya mumma tumbhi na... And smiles 😀😀

Mohsin's Pov-
Please give me courage to overcome All the problems and give me the patience and strength too...

Midnight - 2am
Mohsin is scrolling instagram and accidentally comes across Shivi's profile.
Mohsin to himself- haaye, who's this beautiful girl, she looks so pretty and cute.. And accidentally sends her a follow request .. Arrey re request bi chali gayi.. Chalo koinai Dekhte hai accept Karti hai miss ya nai...

Shivi's Pov-
bhagwanji, I hope yeh episodic main mai achha kar Pau and mujhe khushi mille..

Shivi is scrolling her instagram and sees request from Mohsin Khan..
Shivi's Pov- kaunhai yeh and isne mujhe request kyu bheji.. Uff yeh ladke hazaaron request aati hai shivangi ko.. But Haan yeh Wala Bada cute hai.. but she doesn't accept it and goes to sleep.

Mohsin- Lagta hai abhitak Dekhi nai hogii.. Koi baat nai chalo so jaata hu kal dekhunga..

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