part 9-brewing up of new feelings with a tinge of confusion😉

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While waiting in the immigration line, they clear it and are all set to board the flights when accidentally shivi looses her boarding pass and is worried. Mohsin noticed this and asked her.
Mohsin - Shivi kya hua you look worried.!
Shivi - Wohh, I'm not able to find my boarding pass ab Kya Karu mai. Ohgod flight ka time horhahai and mujhe Mera boarding pass nai milraha hai .
Mohsin - check your luggage and backpack you were carrying and tbtk mai ajubaju check kartahu.
Shivi - okay, done.
Shivi's pov -
Mumma, agar mujhe boarding pass nai milatoh mai kya karungi oh my God. Shivi yaad Kar end mai kahape rakha Tha, and Kahin tu gharpe toh Nai Bhulgai na. Ohh no. And then she is like nai Shivi agar aisa hua toh scene Hojaega mumma toh gharpe bi nai hai and mere pass keys bi nihaii mai nai karpaaungi Kuch.  Hey bhagwan how can I be so irresponsible. But mujhe jahan tak yaad hai I kept all the documents eksath in my zip pouch but abhi strange mujhe kuchnai milraha.
Mohsin - shivi, Maine sab jagahpe dekhlia and mujhe Kahibi nai milraha tujhe Kuch yaad Aya Kaha rakha Tha tune.
Shivi - nahi yaar,  Kabse yaad karneki koshish Karrihu but mujhe yaad nai aarhahai.
Mohsin - offo,  Waisetoh Bada yaad rehtahai and yeh kaam ki cheez yaad nai arihai. Umm,  we can apply for a new boarding pass chal.
Shivi - daantna Bandh kar and chal.
Mohsin - sir,  we will be back in a while counter se new boarding pass issue karwake.
Rajan sir - sure,  be quick we are waiting.
At the counter -
Indigo -
Mohsin - hey,  I need your help actually my friend lost her boarding pass and cannot find it, it would be great if you can issue her a new one.
Person - Sure, sir let me check. I'm sorry sir but the flight is at 1am and we cannot issue a new boarding pass now, the time Is over.
Mohsin - please,  it's a genuine request try and help us Please.
Shivi - please sir,  it's our shoot and we cannot miss it. Please sir.
Person - I'm sorry and I regret the inconvenience but I'm sorry we cannot help.
Mohsin - thank you.
Shivi - ab kya karungi. Ohgod.
Mohsin - shivi, relax kuch karte hai.
Shivi - you do one thing tu jaa, Mai baadmai flight ticket book krwake boarding issue karwake aajaungi next flight se.
Mohsin - no ways,  terko akela chorke kaise jau aise.
Shivi - mohsin,  Samajh shoot hai sir Gussa hojaenge first day pe hi. Please Samajh and jaa unke sath.
Mohsin - I understand shoot hai,  but still mai nai jaunga kahinbi tujhe akele chorke.
Shivi - chal Rajan sir se baat karne.
Rajan sir - agaye, Mil gaya boarding pass? Chalo
Shivi - woh sir. Actually nai Mila
Mohsin - woh sir, actually counter close hogaya boarding ka isliye new pass issue nai karsakte wohlog.
Rajan sir - Ohh,  toh Shivi tum next flight leke aajao.
Shivi - yes sir,  aap log jaao I'll join you all soon.
Mohsin - sir,  I was thinking mai iske sath baadmai atahu woh akele shayad manage nai karpaegi so.
Rajan sir - but shoot karnahai, uska Kia.
Mohsin - sir, don't worry sab Hojaega. But Please allow me.
Rajan sir - Okaye see you both in the evening.
Mohsin - yes sir 3baje ki flight hai next we will be there by 5.
Shivi - I'm sorry sir. Meri wajhse shoot is suffering.
Rajan sir - btw, happy birthday shivangi stay blessed and it's fine don't be sorry  you both take care and call me when you reach.
Mohsin - sure sir. Bye.
Shivi - bye sir.
Shivi's pov -
meri wjhse mohsin kobhi rukna Pada mere sath sath hey bhagwan so careless of you shivi, Kaha chahti Thi sab perfect Ho and sab Gadbad hogayi. Why God, Mai jitnibi koshish karlu I can never be responsible.
Mohsin - Shivi, sunntoh.
Shivi - Bol,
Mohsin - abhi regret mat kar johua woh hogaya ab kuchnai kar sakte uska. So it's better tu abhi apna mood off nai kare
shivi - doesn't reply, and Mohsin sees her she is teary eyed.
Mohsin - hey, shivi rokyu rahihai it's your birthday today you have to smile but you are crying.
Shivi - doesn't say anything and ends up hugging him and cries. Mohsin maine socha tha aajke dinmai sab perfect hoga ekdum achhese sab hoga, I'll be happy, but nai Wohtoh mere sath hohi Nai sakta. Kya sochatha aur kya hogaya sab Garbad hogaya.
Mohsin's pov -
Ohgod I cannot let her cry on her birthday, no mohsin Kuch karna hoga. Sochsoch.
Mohsin - mohsin caresses her hair and says shivi hamesha humme life Mai chahie hota hai Waisa naihota na toh we should be prepared to face challenges and this is one of them. Tu toh bhot strong hai. And plus secondly, he cups her face and wipes tears off and says aajtoh Tera birthday haina toh Aaj Ke Din no tears only and only smiles okaye, and rahi baat sab Garbad ki Wohtoh theek hojaegi, hum tickets book karwalete hai and about your birthday trust me bhot Achaaa birthday hoga don't worry and please smile now.
Shivi - yes, I understand all this but mere sath hi kyu.?
Mohsin - kyuki God hamesha unhiko challenge kartehai jo strong players Ho and hummedt power Ho to fight situations and you are indeed that so.
Shivi - okaye, and hugs him again. Mohsin thank you so much for your soothing words tu sachimai bhot achha hai.
Shivi's pov -
I loved it, how calmly he handled me and Itni beautiful baatein Kari, all about life such a deep person he is. And wait what aise kaise hug Karlia tune mohsin ko woh kya sochega, uff I hope he doesn't mind.
Mohsin's pov-
Seeing her in tears, Idk I felt so bad and on top of that she shared her misery with me and I was so touched that she let her heart out in front of me. And wait when she hugged me I felt so warm and nice, she confided in me and I calmed her down, I hope she doesn't regret hugging me, and doesn't think wrong of me.
Shivi -mohsin woh, I'm sorry for hugging you, woh actually I got so sad and I didn't have anyone so maine hug Kia I'm sorry.
Shivi's pov -
Ohgod, sorry boldiaa for hugging ektoh he helped you and you said kuch aur hi shivi kya hoga Tera idiot.
Mohsin's pov -
I was right she regreted hugging me, and she said sorry. IDK why her sorry ached my heart I felt, hurt. Maybe she was in the flow and she hugged me. It's fine up-to her.
Mohsin - chale? To book the flight tickets.
Shivi - yes chal.
Mohsin - two tickets for Dehradun please, for the immediate next flight.
Person - sure sir, details please.
Mohsin - mohsin khan and Shivangi Joshi
Person - okaye,  please wait. And make your payment at the counter.
Shivi - here you go please pay my share from this card .
Mohsin - it's fine, I'll pay you give it to me later.
Shivi - no Please pay my share.
Mohsin - fine. And pays.
they are at the lounge waiting at 1:45pm.
Mohsin - I'm going to grab a coffee would you want to come along or order something.
Shivi - no thanks, I'm sitting here and no I don't want anything.
Mohsin - okaye, I'll be right back.
Mohsin's pov-
I tried to behave normally with her but idk her words did hurt me somehow and I'm not able to forget it. But still it's her birthday today I don't wanna ruin it for her.
Shivi's pov -
I was about to say,  sorry for hugging you suddenly and sorry If you felt uncomfortable but instead I said sorry for hugging you, I'm sure he must have felt that I regretted hugging him. Ohgod, abkya Karu.
Shivi - mohsin, listen
Mohsin - yes bolna.
Shivi - woh actually, I'm sorry.
Mohsin - I know you are sorry for hugging me, ab kitni baar bolegi sorry.
Shivi - I'm sorry, woh Mere bolne ka matlab Tha I'm sorry for hugging you suddenly and sorry if you felt uncomfortable.
Mohsin - what, I thought you regret hugging me, isliye I didn't say anything 
Shivi - woh mai pura bolu usse Pehle you interpreted and felt hurt ,I'm sorry.
Mohsin - oh, it's fine don't worry. Yes I was hurt but it's fine.
Shivi - cutely holds her ears and says sorry Momo.
Mohsin - smiles cutely and said itni innocence ke sath sorry bolegi toh koibi melt Hojaega.
Shivi - teeheee.
Mohsin - zyda teehee mat kar. And chal check in shuru hone Wala hai
Shivi - woh Pehle mujhe Starbucks se red velvet cake khani hai ya coffee peeni hai.
Mohsin - mai abhi gaya tab kyu manakiatha Gadhiii.
Shivi - Wohh I was busy thinking so. Sorry.
Mohsin - chal abhi jaldi, issbari flight mai late nai honahai.
Shivi - one frappe, please.
Starbucks - your name miss?
Shivi - shivangi.
Mohsin - Shivi likhwa bas that is very cute.
Shivi - please write shivi.
Mohsin - madam chale check in bhi Karna hai.
Shivi - Haan chalo,  and They go through the immigration.

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