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"Hey, Jack!" A familiar voice says. I turn around to see Ellie, the girl I saw yesterday. "Hi, Ellie. What's up?"

"I just wanted to say that you're a really great actor. You were even better today than yesterday." She smiles at me, and I smile back. "Thanks."
"We should hangout sometime, get to know eachother."

"Okay, sure yeah." I look to my right and I see Finn and Wyatt. Wyatt seems to be talking, but it doesn't look like Finn is listening. He's staring at me. He looks upset. I wave at him, but he just turns back to Wyatt. That's odd. Wait... Is it because of Ellie? Has he been upset because I'm talking to her?
I decide that I want to walk over to him, but I have to get rid of Ellie first.
"Do you want my number? We could talk about hanging out sometime."
Ellie smiles, "Yes!!" She hands me her phone, I type in my number, and tell her I have to go.

I walk over to Finn and Wyatt. Finn still looks upset. "Did you just give her your number?" Finn asked. "Oh, ya. I did. She wants to hangout sometime and I said sure." Finn turns to Wyatt and starts talking about the quarry scene. "Finn? Can I talk to you again?"

He looks at me and says, "Can't you see I'm talking?" I'm taken aback by this. I furrow my brows, "Finn I know why you're upset. Let me talk it out with you."

"Sure you do." Finn snaps.

"Why are you being so grumpy?"

"If you really knew why I was upset, then you'd know why I'm grumpy!" Finn says and turns away.

"Cmon, Finn. I have a feeling to why you're upset, now if you would talk about it with me then you wouldn't be upset."

"Okay, we're going to the café again."


We arrive at the café, and Finn still looks upset with me.  "I'll go get you your cappuccino." I say. "No, it's fine. I just want to talk." He bites his lip, while fiddling with his hands. "So why do you think I'm upset?"

"It's Ellie, right?"


"Okay, so is there something bad about her?"

"I don't want you to date her." Finn says, still fiddling. "Please don't."

I can tell he's hurt by this. Id never date Ellie. I don't like her that way. Actually I've never really liked any girl that way.

"What? That's why you've been upset? Finn, I don't like her like that. I just met her!"

"I said it's partially why I'm upset. The other thing I don't want to have to explain because I don't know the outcome."

"I promise I won't be upset with you."

"I don't think you'd be upset with me,
But it would be awkward."

"Finn, tell me. I promise I'll understand ."

He sighs, looking outside the window behind me, then back to his hands. He quietly says, in almost a whisper,
"I... I like you, Jack..."

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