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**Third person

"Hey, Finn?" Jack asked. "Yeah, what's up?" Was what he got in response. "Do you want to hang out after set? I mean unless you're busy bec-" Finn cut him off, "Ya, I got nothing to do. What are we gonna do though?" Jack stood there, just looking at Finn. He wasn't sure as to what they were going to do, he just wanted to see Finn longer. "Err, we can play video games??" Jack tensed up not knowing if Finn liked his answer. To his surprise, he said "Okay, sounds fun."


They had left the set. They were shooting IT, and I guess you could say that they were getting close. Every now and then Jack catches himself staring at Finn, or vice-versa. Jack had even caught himself holding Finn's hand. He didn't even realize he was doing it. Finn also didn't seem to mind, because he was holding on just as tight as jack. Jack was starting to develop feelings toward Finn, but he didn't exactly know how to feel. He didn't think he was gay or bisexual. He was torn on the fact that he has this feeling, and for a boy no less. No matter how intense his feelings got, he never wanted to say that he was gay/bi. He couldn't put himself to it. They arrived at Jack's house around 5 pm. Finn would have to leave around 9, so that gave them a few hours to hangout. They walked inside, shut the door, and ran upstairs to jack's room. "Alrighty, so what game should we play?" Jack asked. "Something simple...how bout gta?"  Finn said. "Pfft, gta is dead, mate." Jack replied.
"Well how about you choose then, mate?" Finn said. Emphasizing the 'mate', to instigate. Finn sat down on the edge of Jacks bed, whilst jack sat down beside him. "Do you not want to play video games?" Jack asked. "Cause we can find something else to do." They both say there, not knowing what to do. "I'd play video games if gta wasn't dead to you." Finn said and smiled at Jack. Jack felt his cheeks get hot. "We could play gta, if that's what you want. I was gonna suggest watching some Netflix."

"Netflix and chill?" Finn said.
Jack felt his cheeks get hot again, and he looked at his hands in his lap. "I'm only kidding." Finn said.

| it's a short chapter ikkkk. There's more to come dudes |

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