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Finn stirs awake to reveal that he is in Jack's room. He turns over to see if Jack is up yet, but he what he saw was just empty sheets. "Jack?" Finn called. He gets up, and goes downstairs into the kitchen. "Hey, Angela. Did Jack come down?"

"No, he hasn't yet, dear. He's probably in the shower."

"Oh, I should've thought," Finn laughs, "Thanks."

Finn turns around and heads back up the stairs. He doesn't hear any water running in the bathroom, so he figures Jack is getting dressed in there.
He turns around and walks into jacks room.
"Oh my god, I'm so sorry, Jack, oh my god."
Finn stumbles out of the room, and slams the door.


Oh my god oh my god oh my god. What the hell did I just do?
I stand by the door waiting for him to get done changing, then I hear, "Okay, you can actually come in now." Followed by a giggle. I hesitate to open the door, so I just stand in front of it.
Right as I'm going to open the door, Jack beats me to it.
"I said that you could come in."
"I know, soorrryy." I reply, "I thought you were changing in the bathroom, so I went to your room."

"I was going to, but I forgot my clothes."

"Oh." I say, "So.."


"I'm going to get ready." I said.

I get dressed in the bathroom, I was going to wear jacks shirt because I didn't bring one. As im taking my shirt off, the door bursts open, "HA, WE'RE EVEN." And then it slams shut. "Wow, Jack." I say as I'm putting his shirt on. I leave the bathroom and Jack is waiting by the door. "Let's go eat." He says as he runs down the stairs. I follow him into the kitchen where Angela has made breakfast. We sit down at the table and we start to eat. "So what was with all the shouting and door slamming?" Angela says. Jack and I look at each other, smiling. "Finn walked in on me naked." I drop my fork on the plate, and look at Jack wide eyed. "You also walked in on me naked." I reply
"Nooo, you had pants on still." He says.



"YOU WERENT THOU-" Jack says as he's cut off by his mom. "What has gotten into you guys?" She says smiling at us, "You guys are so close all of the sudden?" She says still smiling, eyes darting back and forth at me and Jack.
"We're best friends, Mom." Jack replied.
"I suppose, but me and my best friends never cuddled." She says. Jack looks at me almost instantly. His face starts to get red, and I can feel mine start to get hot too. We stare and smile at eachother for a little while before Angela continues, "Hmmm, are you guys dating?"
Jack puts his fork down. "Mom, no. We're BEST FRIENDS. That's all."

"If you guys start dating, I'll be here to say 'told you so'. I went to go see if you guys were sleeping, and you were cuddling, it was adorable." She says looking At Jack. "You know that if you were gay or bi, I would always accept you."

"Mooooom." Jack grumbles.
I can see the annoyance and embarrassment on his face.

"And you too, Finn." She turns to me, and smiles. "Okay well, we gotta go. Finish up guys, I'll be in the car." Angela says.

Jack and I just stare at eachother.
"Well at least she accepts it." Jack says.
"Accepts what?"

"You know, if we were dating. At least she approves."

"Oh, right. Yeeeee." I say. We leave the house and head out for set.
Does he want to date? Should I ask him?

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