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I sit there, shocked at his words. He doesn't want to look at me, so he continued fiddling with his hands. He stands up, "Jack, I'm sorry I have to go. I'm sorry about this, I have to leave."

"Finn, wait." I stand up and walk towards him. He's looking at the floor, biting his lip. "Hey, look at me." He doesn't move. "Finn, c'mon. It's okay, just look at me." I put my hand under his chin, and lift his head up. "It's okay."
I can see his eyes getting glossy.
"I'm sorry about this Jack. I should've never said that."

"No, no, no! Finn, I told you it's okay! Come to my house, we'll watch Netflix and eat popcorn. Does that sound good?" He nods. I wrap my arm around  his waist and we walk out, and walk to my place.


We arrive at my house and Finn still won't keep eye contact with me. Every time I look at him when he's looking at me, he turns away. We're standing in the doorway of my house, when my mom comes in, "Hey, guys!" She wraps her arms around both of us. "How are you guys? You look upset."

"Uh, we're fine mom, just tired. Can Finn stay the night?"

"Of course he can. Don't stay up too late you guys, you need sleep for tomorrow."

"Kay." We went upstairs and into my room. Finn stood by the door, and I can tell he's uncomfortable. "Hey, finny. Come sit down." He walked towards the bed and sat down on the edge. "Okay, you pick something to watch, I'll go make us some popcorn. Sound good?" He looks at me and nods "Yep."
I walk downstairs and grab some popcorn out of the cabinet. I put it in the microwave, and go to the fridge to get us some Mountain Dew. Once the popcorn was done, I ran upstairs and into my room to see Finn laying back on my bed, watching family guy.
"I'm baaaack!" I practically yell. Finn sits up, and I walk over to sit next to him. "I got us some Mountain Dew, too."
After an entire episode finished, Finn turned over to me, "Did I say too much?"
"Huh?" I ask.
"At the café, was that too much?"

I chuckle. "If it was too much, Hun, you wouldn't be here right now."

He smiles at me. "So you weren't uncomfortable?"

"Not at all, I thought it was cute."

"You did?" He blushes.

"Ya, I did. Also, I think I have feelings for you too." I reply.

"You do?" He blushed again. "Yes, I have for a long time." I reply.

"I shoulda guessed, because of that morning when I woke up to us cuddling."

"Haha, yeah. I shoulda guessed when you said that you liked it."

"True." He turns back to the tv screen.
"Hey, Finn?" I ask. "Yeah?"
"Do you want to cuddle again?" I asked, blushing. He doesn't say anything, he just opens his arms and pulls me into his chest. We continue to watch family guy until we fall asleep.

| I'm a shitty writer, sorry. |

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