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I wake up to the sound of my phone buzzing on the nightstand. Finn stirs awake as well. "Heeeeeyy." He says, then rubs his eyes. "Heeeello." I say then I peck him on the lips. I turn over to my phone. "Wow. I have 3 missed calls from Ellie." Finn rolls his eyes. "Wow you really don't like her do you,  Finn?" I say.

"No, not really, haha." He replies. "I wonder what it's about."

"Yeah, me too." I call her back. She picks up almost instantly.

"Hey, Ellie. You called?"

"Ya, I wanted to know if you wanted to take some more pictures today."

"Oh, uh.." I turn over to Finn. I put my hand over the speaker, "she wants to know if we could take pictures today?"
He runs a hand through his curls. "I guess we could."  I take my hand off of the speaker, "yeah we can do that."

"Alrighty then. When and where do we meet up?" Ellie asks.

"Well I just woke up, so... In like an hour or two at the park. Sound cool?"
I ask.

"Yep, text me when you're leaving."

"K. Bye." Then I hang up. "We are going to meet at the park in like two hours."

"I know, I heard." He says. "Well I'm going into the shower my dude."

"Okay, finnie."


I hope Jack knows what he could be getting us into. I think to myself as I get into the shower. If Ellie tries anything with my man, imma throw some fists.


Ellie texts me as I'm getting clothes ready for later today.

Ellie: what're you doing rn

Jack: nothing, waiting for Finn to get out of the shower.

Ellie: nice
I just wanted to say,

That I think you're v cute.

Jack: thanks.

Ellie: np ☺️
Is Finn coming to the park too?

Jack: of course he is, why?

Ellie: oh

Just wondering

Jack: oh?

Ellie: can you come alone? Jw

Jack: uhh, no. Finn wouldn't like that. Plus who would take the pictures?

Ellie: o I could have one of my friends come

Jack: I think we're good with just us three.

Ellie: are we ever going to hangout alone? Our "relationship" needs to be authentic

Jack: if Finn wants to hangout and see what happens then he is definitely coming whether you're happy with it or not. I respect my loves feelings.

Ellie: k 🙄

Jack: I gtg he's out of the shower. ✌️

"Hey, Jack." Finn says as he steps into my room. "What ya doing?"

"Oh, nothing. Ellie's been texting me nonstop."

"What are you guys talking about?" He asks.

"You wanna see? She's so jealous of you, hahaha." I show Finn the messages, and laughs. "You're right, I'd never let you go alone."

"You don't trust me?"

"No, no, noooo. I trust you, I just don't trust her. At all." He says, then runs his hand through his hair and bites his lip. "Finn, I'd never let her do anything to me."  I say as I grab his hand. "I love you waaaay to much to let her ruin us."
He blushes and smiles. "I love you, too. Now get ready, we have to leave soon."

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