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"You what?" Jack replied, confused again.
"I said I didn't mind cuddling with you." Finn grew quiet as he spoke. Realizing what he just had said, he started to blush intensely.
"Oh, that's what I thought I heard I was making sure I wasn't hearing things."
Jack said. He was shocked. Finn of all people, liked cuddling with him. And he didn't even know that he was even cuddling.  "I didn't mind either I guess, I mean, I was the one doing it so."
"I actually wasn't going to tell you that we were cuddling."
Finn just stared at his feet under the blankets. "Finnnn??? You thereee??"
Finn turned to look at jack who was yet again: confused. "Why weren't you gonna tell me?"

"Forget it."


"Because, I enjoyed it. I didn't think that you knew what you were doing and I didn't want things to get weird between us."

Jack just stared at Finn. He enjoyed it. Jack thought to himself. He turned to his phone to see the time. "Oh shit, Finn its 11:36. We need to go!"

"Oh crap okay okay."

They quickly got ready for set then left.

*time change to after set*

"Hey, jack." An unfamiliar voice rang in jacks ears. He turned around to see a girl. She had long dark hair with bangs.
"Sorry for not introducing myself. I'm Ellie."
"Oh, hi."
"I just wanted to say that you were great today, ya know." Ellie said

*finns pov*

"Hey, Jeremy, have you seen jack?"

"Yeah, he over there talking to some girl." Jeremy pointed to the two talking over to the left of him.

Jack was talking to a girl? Once I saw them talking my heart sank. I hope he doesn't like her. I walk over to jack. "Hey, Finn." He says. God he's cute. "Uh, this is Ellie. She just introduced herself to me."
"Um, hi" I said. She outstretched her arm so we could shake hands, but I grabbed jacks hand and told her that we had to leave. "What are you doing, Finn??"

"I don't know. Let's go hangout somewhere." I said.

"Why are you acting like this? Is something wrong?" Jack replied.

"Nothing's wrong, I want to hangout. That's why I asked."

"Kay, but you yanked me away from Ellie."

"Let's go to the cafe. I'd like a cappuccino or something you agree?" I said.

"Finn, what's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong, jack." I replied
"I can assure you."

"Okay, if nothing is wrong, let me go apologize to Ellie." He said

"I'm sure Emma is fine, lets go get a cappuccino."

"Her name is Ellie. Is she the problem?"

"I swear if we don't go get a cappuccino, that will become the problem."

"Kay, if I go, will you tell me what's wrong?"

"Okay, fine."


"It's really nothing, jack."

"Sure, sure, let's go."


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