"And the way his green eyes lit up the place!" I heard Luke sing.

"And the way his hair fell perfectly in place, if I could get him back again this time I'd never let go because he's the only one I want to hold-" I heard Casper sing.

It was a bunch of lies, all a bunch of bullshit. Lies.  Pax did a cute little dance to the song , which took my mind off of, Casper. I started to laugh silently at the dancing baby, before his voice started up again.

"You know, I do miss the guy that songs about. I made a big mistake and I wish I could have him back, but I don't think he wants me back." He said, with sadness piercing in his voice

"Hell no I don't." I muttered, rubbing soap into my baby's hair. I was lucky he didn't hear me, he was too busy playing with his rubber duck's. A couple more songs played through as I finished washing him and allowed him to play for a couple minutes.

I heard my phone buzz from the toddlers room, but I left it alone knowing I shouldn't leave Pax in the tub without supervision. I listened to him babble along to the beat of a song that sounded like he made up. He had a musical jean, and I figured he'd do something with it in the future.

"Alright Pumpkin time to get pjs on and eat dinner." I said getting a towel out of the cabinet. "Piza!" He said smiling raising his tiny fist. "Not tonight pumpkin, I made spaghetti." I smiled as his face lit up and he clapped. I lifted him out of the warm soapy water and wrapped him in the soft pale towel. "You want your footies baby?" I asked him opening the drawers. "Yeah!" He giggled. "Pick a pair and then we'll put them on." I smiled at his face.

He looked so concentrated on trying to figure out if he wanted the blue pair with ducks on them, the red pair with the race cars, or the lion. "Pick a pair Pax so we can go have spaghetti." I said switching him to my other hip.

"I finking!" He said, putting his tiny hand to his chin. I chuckled as he looked at the pajamas in the drawer. "I not know!" He finally cried out, his head flopping down on my shoulder.
"You want me to pick pumpkin?" I chuckled. He nodded letting out a sigh in defeat. I smiled rolling my eyes picking up the blue duck pair because those were my favorite on him.

I put on a fresh diaper before putting his duck pajamas on. I picked him up again walking downstairs "I ducky dada!" He giggled kicking his feet.
"Yes you are a ducky!" I smiled. He began making duck sounds all the way down the hall making me laugh. I put Pax in his high chair before walking over to get my phone and some spaghetti for him.
"Ducky!" Pax sung kicking his feet and pulling on his hood. I chuckled and shook my head. God I love him more than anything in the world.

My phone buzzed again and as I reached for it, I reminded myself that Paxton needed to be fed. I made Pax a tiny bowl with no sauce before making myself a plate.
"when Ashy come over?" Paxton questioned as I brought him his food.


My best friend... The first to know about Paxton... Ash was like another son to my mother. He was always at our house when we were growing up and we stayed friends all through everything. Now he's like an Uncle to Paxton. He just randomly shows up at my house at crazy and irrelevant times, eats all the food and my fridge and brings things Paxton shouldn't have.

"I don't know pumpkin" I said sitting down in the chair next to him. "You know how he is I'm sure you'll see him-"

I was interrupted when the grey garage door came flying open revealing Asher. "We were just talking about you." I smiled as he waltzed in.
"I'm flattered!" He smiled running his hands through his blonde hair and making his way towards the screaming child.
"Ashy!!" Pax shouted, clapping his hands together.
"Hey little man!" Ash smiled walking over to the high chair.

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