Sex me up👅

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This is for gizzybree_ I hope u like it❤

Bree and kev are in the room cuddling and watching Netflix

Kevin:Yes baby
Bree:I wanna do sum different instead of watching of movies
Kevin:*Got a freaky idea*OK baby *cuts the movie off and starts kissing on bree's neck *😘
Bree:Papii stop ittt *Rubbing through his hair*
Kevin:Y babygirl I want u... Now 💦
Bree:Shidd I am a freak😜
Kevin:Are u a virgin??
Kevin:Goooodddd😚😚😚😚*Kissing her chest then goes down and down and downnnn*
Bree:Mmm babyyy stopppp😧
Kevin:No ma I wanna give u something you'll never forget*,He says as he rubbing her punai 👉👌*
Bree:Mmm ok bae 😒😏

sEx SeX SEX!!

Kevin got naked and bree are too and he doing the sexiest face you've ever seen then he comes on to the bed  and start kissing the left and right thigh and Bree is moaning his name softly he got turned on wanted to give Bree head so he went in between her thigh and started to eat her kitty kat he pulls kev's hair and arch her back of pleasure she loves the way his tongue is licking her clit that she yells "PAPI KEVINNN" he stops he eating her out and looks at her and smirked and and began to do it again after 15 mins he put his Big D  inside Bree she's holding his back as he grinds slowly he loves the way Bree is moaning so he sped up a lil "Mmm babee" Bree moans in his ear "Baby is this good?" Kevin asks licking his lips "Yea bae"Bree says kissing him " I love u babe"Kevin says kissing her back "II love uu tooo babyyy" Bree moans of pleasure. Kevin wants to cum into Bree but he ain't tryna get her pregnant so he came on her body and she loves dat and then Kevin stops "Daddy I wanna ride" Bree says horny "OK baby"Kevin says while letting her get on top of him . Bree starts to ride and Kevin never felt so weak and wonderful before that he said in his mind" Damn ima marry this girl after we done"then she started to go fast and fast he was holding her waist and as she grinds he arches his back real high that Bree felt like she was riding a roller coaster then after 4 hours of making love they felt sleepy and fell asleep cuddling

And your welcome bbygirl😁💟

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