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Daniella POV

Daniel has been acting not his self lately and I'm scared if he's cheating

Babe I called Daniel Yea ma Daniel said r u cheating on me and BE HONEST!! I said Y would I cheat on u I love u babe he said r u sure? I asked yes! I am he said OK I said

2 hours later

Babe I gotta go shop for awhile Daniel says Can I go??I asked N-no baby then I gotta go and see the boys and all star dani says I rolled my eyes and said OK liar then I walked away Sometimes u gotta trust me Daniella he says kinda annoyed He only says calls me by my name if he's mad or dont wanna be with me then he left and I got in my car and started to follow him and then he went to this house and girl opened the door and they kissed and went into the house I cried for 3mins then went into the house slammed open the door went into the kitchen and got a knife and as soon as I got close to the stairs I heard moaning and groaning and kept crying I ran upstairs and busted through the door and held the knife in my hand the girl screamed and dani said Babe I can explain WHAT IS IT THERE TO EXPLAIN?!! U FUCKING A SLUT THAT PROBABLY GOT STD I angrily then she said GET OUT! Yo man is my man then I through the knife at her it hit her in the neck and it stayed in there while was struggling to get it out Bye bitch I'll see u in hell I said kinda crazy and daniel were OVER!!!

An hour later

Was at Kevin's house crying on his shoulder as he holds me (By the way I like him away) I can't believe he'll do something like this I LOVED HIM !I said sad Its OK dani u got me kevin says raising my chin up to looking at him we smiled at each other and he leaned in and I did then we kissed I haven't this wonderful feeling in a long time then picked me up and then he took me to his room then closed and I laid down and then he started kissing on my stomach giving all types of hickies and then he asked me did u Daniel ever got freaky?? 3 months ago we did then we haven't since..I said Well ima do better than him ight lil ma? Kevin says gangsta way Yea daddy i said damn ma I didn't know u know I liked to be called that kevin says rubbing my boobs

I knew it babe I was just waiting for the right time... Daddy I said teasing

Then he started undressing me it felt sooo good bcuz as he was undressing me he was kissing my body and I love the way he's groaning mami I was until I saw him naked as same as me

But his body looked delicious like snack!! Then he got under the covers with me and then he started kissing me on the neck giving more hickies then he got on top of me then put his 8 inches inside of me and when I tell u I yelled like he was killing me

He was grinding slowly and his D was going inside & outside of me I love it so much he said Mami I won't stop until its morning I like ittttt I said happy asf U wanna be a mami to my kids yet??Kevin said No! Not yet babe I said OK baby I'll wait kevin said

Uhhh bae u soo deep inside me I said moaning in his ear outta breathe I love u dani and I always did Kevin said seriously Awww I wanted u in the first place but Daniel got in da way I said rolling my eyes baby dont think about him OK he's nothing kevin said OK bae I love u I said rubbing threw his hair I love u more babe He said his forehead to mine Then he started grinding again I moaned and stretched his back then moaned my name

Daniellaaa kevin moaned then it was 4:45 am in the morning bitchhhh I thought it was 12 sum but neveamind babe will u go out with me? Kevin asked Yes!!! Yessss babee I said happy and kissing him he kissed back and still was grinding on Miami

Were dating now it feels so good knowing he ain't cheating he might the future but I dont care rn I'm cherishing this moment together Daniel jealous but we dont he cheated this is what he get

I love kevin wit his fine ass.......👅💓

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