Daniel imagine

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You and Daniel are walking around in the mall on every Saturday he spoils with anything shoes,clothes,and your nails but you it so when two got home you spoiled him too with your p*ssy when Daniel sat down you ran upstairs got into your sexy bra and panties then you take your out of the bun and now your just curly then on some red lipstick then on your red bottom heels then went down stairs and said "Daniellll" Then he turns around and when he saw you his eyes got wide then he said"Baby i-i-i..." Then you cut him off by walk towards him and sat on facing towards him and said "What you just can't get enough can you???" Then you started to kiss slowly and romantically than you asked ",Are you a virgin?" He says"Yes" you gasp"Were going to loose our virginity to each other ",He smiles then kisses you then you get and you take Daniel upstairs then got in the room and closed the door Daniel says", Baby I love you" You say"I love you too bae"

Sex time!

You gotten Daniel naked in bed while you stripping in front of him then you walk to the bed got on the bed and told him"Do you have a condom"Daniel say"Oh shit baby I don't You say "Its ok I got some here" You open the drawer and got the condom out then put it on Daniel until he says "Baby I wanna ride" then you lay down and let him get on top of you,you got the most romantic feeling in your stomach then he goes inside you and you both moan",Uhhh"

Then you yell his name "DANIELLL"
He says"Yeaaaa mami"
You say"I'm Finna cumm papii"

After you said that he started going real fast makes you call him "daddy" then as you cum he went outside of you then went down to eat your p*ssy you moan",Oooouuuu babyyyy",Then you hear a slurping sound and you say",Ohh daddy eat this Kitty kat"Then looks at you and say "Damn bae you bad" Then you say"I know boo"You guys wanna keep going but dev and kev come home....

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