He abuses me😭

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xxxJayy here u go

Kevin is always abusing Jay for nothing and she doesn't like it but tonight its different he's going to abuse her by raping her but he doesn't know she a freak so after kev came home from jay was slp in their room then Kevin busted into the door and yells "GET UP BITCH" Kevin has drunk and high Jay gets up scared "Kev wat time is it" Jay asked "Time for you to get rapped" Kevin says taking his belt and pants off Jay is acting scared but she wanted to lost her virginity for years but now its her chance he comes to the bed she screams and she's about to be rapped then he punches jay in the eye and she holds it as she getting rapped and it was pain "Owwww" Jay screams "Shut the fuck up whore" Kevin says going fast and hard "Stopppppppp!!!!" She yells Kevin thinks she wet but he THOUGHT wrong she had period blood coming and he looks down and hits 3 times and says" U FUCKING MESSED UP THE BED U DUMB THOT !"He says as he gets off of her and left then she sat up and looked down .."AHHHHHHHHHAHA NOOOOOOO "She screamed terrified  thought she was pregnant but she couldn't walk it hurt so bad that she had more blood coming out and fell to the floor crying of pain😔

I know its bad but I hope u like it!!😁

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