Shes mine (Devin and India love)

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A/N:Devin and India are best friends but devin is in love with India but she doesn't know so he just going to keep it a secret until he can tell her

Devin is waiting for India outside of her house until she walks out the house "Hey bestie" India said  "Hi best friend" Devin says as ty walking to school she sees her friends "Heyyy bitchesss" India says "Hey bichh", They say then India and dev gets into the school going to their first period as they get into their class which is reading they went to desk's and read until the teacher said stop
" OK class time is up " Mr.Newman says then everyone puts their books away and then "Ok class take out your homework so can come around to Collete it " Mr.Newman says as he comes around
"Oh shit" Says devin scared "What?" India asked "I forgot it" Devin says "Here take mine" India says "But your name is on it" Devin says "Oh shit" India says then erases her name than gave it to devin to put his name on it "Thank u devin....India where's your work?" Mr.Newman says "Umm..I forget it dang" India says as she's acting like she forget her home work "Just bring it in tomorrow" Mr.Newman "Ok" India says back

*Skip to fifth period lunch *

India and devin are walking to McDonald's for lunch and then devin asked "India wat will u do if I said I love u"Devin asked
" I'll fell werid"India answers "Well to be honest I do love u" "OK now I feel weird"India says and walks kinda fast " No India I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you feel weird I'm sorry "Devin says as he run and after her than stops her " Look devi *sighs*I'll tell u want I think in 2 days"India says "*,Sighs I'm sorryyy" Devin says as he crys ",Please don't go" "I'm not its OK" India says "You hate me tho"devin says " Its ok*Hugs him* let's go back to school"India says "Okkk let's go" devin says while sniffing

*2 later (Friday)*

India walks to school alone and thinking about devin but as she gets to school her runs her to see that's she is worried about something

"Wats wrong India", asks Rori " Nothing "India says " India pls tell us"Crystal said "No!" India says as she runs into the school and as she run into the school she sees devin but she does say nun but he does "India did you think about it?" "Yea" India says "Well yes or no" Devin asks ".... 


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