"She probably gon cheat on me😒"

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Hi! I'm Brinna and I'm here helping the bomb digz out for their tour and I really like devin he cool and all but idk if he feels the same about me tho ..

Hey BRI kevin says hugging me hey kevie I said hugging him back Wassup girl Daniel says hugging me from behind (WHOAAA SLOW YA ROLE DANI) Umm hey dani I said awkwardly Hi devin!! I said as going in for a hug hey bri he says hugging me and then kevin say I dare y'all to kiss rn Bro what hell is wrong with u? Devin says looking at kev dumb bruh jus do it Daniel says playful hit on the shoulder Ummm I said looking at him until Shari came in guys all star said he needs y'all right quick OK sis kevin says so we couldn't kiss so I just sat down on the couch waiting and then they left

Bro why just didn't kiss her right there kevin says yea u had a chance but nahhh Daniel says Maybe its because I don't want to take that chance devin says annoyed and mad Bruh y u mad kevin asks BECAUSE IM TIRED OF YALL TELLING ME I NEED TO DATE BRIANNA SHE PROBABLY GON CHEAT ON ME AND LEAVE ME LOOKING SALTY ASH I DONT WANT HER OK!!! Devin says mad and loudly bruh u mad for no damn reason kevin says

I heard yelling so I put my ear against the door and heard "TELLING ME TO DATE BRIANNA SHE PROBABLY GON CHEAT ON ME AND LEAVE ME LOOKING SALTY ASH I DONT WANT HER OK!!" That was devin voice tears started rushing down my eyes and I got the chain he always wanted but how am I gon give him it when he feel that way about me no so slam opened the door and Daniel says See stupid I knew she heard u he says angrily to devin kevin walks over to me and hugs me says Its OK he just being a idiot rn then Daniel sees the goal chain in her hand "Broooo that's Gucci's chain!!! Devin you've always wanted that" Daniel looking at devin Yea I was finna give it to him but ohhh nooo I'm just like the other girls I see well guess what FUCK U TOO!! I said crying then thrown the chain at devin and he tries to caught it Brinna i-im-- devin gets cut off but Brianna NOOOO LEAVE ME ALONE I LOVED U AND BROUGHT GIFTS FOR U AND THIS IS HOW U THINK OF ME?!!! HAHAHOO NOT NO MORE!!I said walking away NOO! bri come back de in says running after me but I already drove off then he comes back crying I told u! Kevin says OK OK STFU KEV! Devin says mad What happened??Shari asked the guys Its a long story Daniel and kevin says

The next day

Devin woke up feeling not his self but kev and dani was awake then kevin saw he was awake and said devin u got lucky WHAT DO U MEAN devin asked exciting Brianna left a message on ur phone Daniel says

Devin picks his phone up quickly and opened the message it says

"Hey devin I'm sorry I got mad like that I still love u and all and I know u don't feel the same way but the guys were right ur not a very good guy to come at quickly so do u wanna take it slow?"

Devin looks up from his phone with a cool-aid smile on his face and then he texted back

"Its ok i forgive u love and we dont have to take it slow the kid got feelings for u

I love u bri💜"

9 mins later bri texts back

"😙 I love u more devin can u come over?"

"Yea anything for u😘"

"OK boo see ya"bri texts

" See ya babe"Devin texts back

15 mins later devin shows up at the house knock on the door and Brianna answers it ...

Hey bri devin says hugging me Hi babe I said hugging back oh I got a present for u devin says with a smile I gasp babe what is it?! I asked Haha bae close ur eyes he said I closed it and felt soft and juicy lips against mine and it felt like heaven like damn then it stopped I just stare at him So how u like ur present baby??He asked smirking That was ...THE BEST GIFT IVE EVER GOTTEN I LOVED IT I jumped on him and hugged him tight and he did the same and he asked me out I said yes but its gotta be loyalty he promised it will be and we started dating.😘

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