Chapter 2

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(The pic above is Kendall and I'm sure you all know what Ethan looks like...)

I had just walked out of the bathroom wearing my orange camo pants and a long sleeve white bodysuit with a low v-neck cut with a body chain underneath it. I did my hair in a messy bun (above) and slipped on my timberlands before slinging my bag over my shoulder, I sprayed my favourite Victoria's Secret perfume on myself and I was ready to go. I walked into my bedroom, and just as expected, he was still getting ready. He was standing in front of the mirror with nothing but concentration written all over his face. "How is it that a guy takes longer to get ready than a girl?" I said while grabbing his chin and facing him to me then grabbing some gel and doing his hair. This kid couldn't do his hair for his life, he'd always try to look like he could do his hair but he would purposely stand in front of the mirror for ages so I would hurry him up and just do it for him. He never told me that, but I just knew.

She softly fixed my hair as I stared into her sapphire blue eyes. I could almost see my very future in her eyes. She made me weak at the knees. My breathing hitched every time she came near me, butterflies would explode in my stomach every time she touched me. That's right, Kendall is my crush, and only crush since I was 11; 6 hard long years of just being her best friend and nothing more. And the hardest thing is, I didn't move on and don't want to move on from her being my crush, because I always fear if I get a girlfriend, I will have lost my chance with her, and I don't want that, and that's also why I have never had a girlfriend, for my greatest weakness is seeing her with another guy.

But I guess that means I will just be here, stargazing.

Because She will never love me,

I'm just her bestfriend,

Nothing more, nothing less.

I don't know how to tell her my passionate feelings for her, because her friend zoning me is nothing but the inevitable. But one day, I swear, I will tell her my feelings, if it be tomorrow, or on my death bed, I will tell her.

But I don't blame her if she doesn't like me, it's hard to see someone you've seen as your best friend for all these years as your crush.


As I was doing his hair I couldn't help but notice Ethan's hazel eyes were staring into mine, I almost felt uncomfortable, but I ignored it, he was probably daydreaming about pizza for lunch. I finished up with his hair then took his cologne out of his sleepover bag and sprayed it all over him, him still strangely staring at me. This cologne smelt so damn good, he's running out of it though, I might buy it for him for Christmas then. I then slapped his face to get him out of his trance. "Yo pizza boy, whatcha daydreaming about?" I smiled innocently, batting my eyelashes, like I didn't slap him at all. "Okay OW, and what I was daydreaming about is none of your concern, nosey Parker." He sassed with a girly voice. "Whatever lets you sleep at night hon" I said while grabbing his hand and dragging him out to my car. "Get in loser we're going shopping" I smirk as he gets into the car. "We're actually going to school" "ugh damn autocorrect." I laugh as I pulled out of the driveway. We jammed to black bear the whole way there at full volume.

We arrived at school and Ethan jumped out the car and ran to my side and opened my door. "M'lady" He said while grabbing my hand and helping me out the car. "Thanks asshat" I said while slinging my arm through his "your welcome shitheed" he replied as we strode into school.

Unfortunately me and Ethan don't have any classes together, and we don't even have the same lunch time, but that doesn't stop our friendship.

Soon coach Malone approached us. "Ethan, I've got good are officially Princeton high's new quarterback!" Coach said while shaking E's hand. I squealed with delight, he always wanted to get moved up to quarterback. "We've also got a game coming up in two days, so get practicing!" Ethan nodded and grinned like a two year old. He immediately turned to me and engulfed me in a hug as soon as coach left. We nuzzled our faces in each others necks, goddamn that cologne is good. We pulled apart , me holding onto Ethan's arm, "oh, they grow up so fast..." I said while dramatically wiping away a fake tear. Ethan gave me another hug, this time only his face was nuzzled in my neck. "This is my big break Kenny, this is it...wanna come to my game on Wednesday?" He asked as his deep voice was almost vibrating against my neck, tickling a little. "Is that even a question?" I said as he squeezed me even more. We pulled apart just as the bell rang and he waved at me looking like a lunatic with that smile while shuffling off.



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