Secrets (Future Rogue)

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It was the year x792, two months after Rogue's best friend and exceed, Frosch, had been brutally murdered.

Rogue remembered that day clearer than any other. Minerva, Frosch and Rogue were supposed to defeat a dark guild called Avatar, when they found Gray Fullbuster there. The ice bastard had chosen Frosch as a warning and sliced the poor exceed's neck wide open. Frosch had no chance of survival and after two or three hours, Frosch passed away from blood loss.

The raven sniffled as he realised just where he exactly was. He was clearing his head in a nearby cave to the guild; when he found a groaning sound and was ambushed. Weird, shadow-like creatures were risen from the ground and blocked any signs of escape.

Rogue trembled at the sight of these monsters. He knew exactly what they were and felt traumatised that he had no way of escaping. Rogue had already tried spells like 'Shadow Dragon Roar' or 'Shadow Dragon Rising Slash'; however, it seemed to only strengthen the shadows as more were multiplying every second.

Rogue! He heard them whisper in a mocking tone. Why are you afraid of us? You can't escape your fate!

Rogue felt the salty tears stroll down his face covered in blood. His cuts were burning and he covered his head with his hands, gently sobbing to himself. "Why can't you leave me alone?!" He screamed to the shadows, his voice cracking in fear and worry.

The monsters chuckled and laughed at the raven's misery. Poor Rogue! You have no one now! Frosch is dead! Rouge glanced at the shadows when one started to head towards him at the speed of light. Rogue closed his eyes in reflex, waiting for the impact.

After a few seconds of nothing happening, the raven fluttered his eyes open and widened at the sight of his best friend, Sting. The blond stood in front of his friend, hands out to prevent the shadows from coming any closer.

"Dammit! You okay, Rogue?" Sting asked as he looked over towards the raven, a relieved smile plastered on his face. "I knew that I shouldn't have left you alone," Sting gritted his teeth in frustration at his negligence.

"Sting, run! My magic doesn't affect them at all! You need to leave before it's too late!" The Shadow Dragon warned as he attempted to stand up before falling back down.

The blond widened his eyes as he noticed the state his comrade's leg was in; the ankle was smashed and bleeding heavily. "You know that I ain't gonna leave you, buddy. Besides, maybe the light can eradicate them," Sting smirked as he cracked his knuckles in anticipation for a fight.

"White Dragon Roar!" Sting shot a laser towards five of the shadows as all of them disintegrated into thin air. Rogue's eyes widen in awe at his friend's feat, blushing at how quickly he was able to get rid of them.

Sting panted slightly as he smirked. "That's just the beginning for these guys! Holy Nova!" The blond shouted, aiming a blast of light in the darkness. Several shadows disappeared.

After five minute of Sting exhausting his magic, all the shadows were gone. Now it was only the two Dragon Slayers left in the cave. Both males blushed as they realised how quiet it had gotten, gratefully that it was dark in the cave.

"D'you need help?" Sting asked in worry, as he remembered the state of Rogue's ankle.

The raven shook his head in reply. "I'll be good until we get back to the guild, thanks though." Rogue tried to move from his spot, able to crawl a bit. "So how did you fi-Sting! Watch out!" Rogue cried out in shock as he noticed one last shadow creature behind his friend.

However, before Sting could reply, sticky blood sprayed all over the area. His bright blue eyes trailed down to his abdomen as a sword was impaled there. The White Dragon turned around and used one last spell to obliterate the lone shadow from existence.

Sting felt his knees gave way as he dropped onto the cold floor; his breathing quickened as he placed one hand to his stomach.

Finding a jolt of energy, Rogue crawled his way to his best friend, tears welling up in his crimson eyes. "I-its alright! N-nothing too se-serious! I'll g-get Wendy or Chelia! You'll be al-alright!" Rogue desperately tried to convince himself, tears streaming down his pale face.

Sting smiled as he coughed up some blood. "Hey Rouge, I got a secret to tell you..." the blond weakly announced to the sobbing raven.

"No! Don't talk, you should save your strength!"Rogue sobbed.

Sting lifted one of his hands and rubbed the raven's cheek, trying to comfort him. "I never...had the courage to...tell you this...but..." he stopped as he coughed up some more blood.

"Your eyes...they're too beautiful for tears...too beautiful to see any pain. And your hair," Sting paused as he wrapped his fingers around the raven locks. "Your so soft and silky. I always loved how calm and collected you are. I always loved...loved you."

The Shadow Dragon blushed at the confession. "Sting, don't talk like that! I love you too," Rogue confessed to the mage in front of him.

Sting smiled softly to himself. "That's all I ever hear..." he stated as he closed his eyes forever, leaving from the Earthland.

Rogue felt his heart stop. "Sting? Hey, Sting! Answer me! Please, you can't die! I need you!" Rogue desperately begged as he searched his friend to find a pulse. There was none.


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