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There are usually two types of people on Valentines Day; those who find the celebration to be wonderful and will spend their day with the ones they love, and those who find the day to be a waste of time and money.

Sting Eucliffe was the second type of person.

His day started off horrible. First he had overslept and was now running late for the guild, then he could find his partner Rogue anywhere in the apartment they shared and now he just realised that he hadn't had a bite to eat since last night.

Not to mention the fact that an extremely tacky stall was set up and an old woman was selling sickly sweet chocolates, roses and kissograms.

It wasn't exactly the holiday that pissed him off, more so the fact that he had no lover to celebrate with. He did have a lot of women that would ask him out on dates but he usually declined for some strange reason hat even he couldn't comprehend.

Sting's thoughts were cut off as he heard a shrill female voice shriek, it sounded like...Lucy Heartfillia?

The blond used his heightened senses to track the Celestial wizard; what if something had happened to her? What is someone was kidnapping her? What if she...was preventing Natsu Dragneel from pouring peanut butter in her hair?

"Natsu! How many times do I need to tell you? Peanut butter and hair DO NOT MIX!" Lucy exclaimed in an exasperated voice.

Said male was carting a tub of peanut butter in his right hand with another dipped in the tub. "But Luce, how do you know if you've never tried it before?" The pink mage childishly whined.

It's common sense! There are certain things that you don't do and th-" Lucy stopped mid sentence as she noticed the Sting gawking at the unfolding scene, clearly confused. "Oh, hi Sting! How's Sabertooth?" Lucy politely asked as she flashed a smile to the Dragon Slayer.

Sting returned with his own toothy grin. "Hi Lucy. Sabertooth's been doing good, in fact I need to head over there to complete some more paperwork. And Natsu," Sting faced his role model, "why are you putting peanut butter in her hair?"

Natsu had a childish gleam in his eyes. However before he had a chance to speak, he found his mouth being covered by Lucy's hand. "Please don't ask. Anyway, where's your boyfriend Sting?" The female smirked slightly.

Sting felt his checks heat up at that comment. "W-Who you talking 'bout?" Sting asked, trying to act nonchalant.

Natsu removed Lucy's hand from his mouth and spoke. "Duh, we're talking about Rogue, your boyfriend. Why aren't you celebrating Valentines Day with him?"

"Rogue is not my boyfriend!" Sting clamped his mouth shut as several passerbys gave weird looks st the trio. Sting mentally face palmed at his carelessness.

Natsu and Lucy just gave each other knowing looks at the blond's outburst. Lucy sighed and finished off with, "Whatever you say Sting. Wish we could chat more but we gotta go, See ya." Natsu and Lucy gave a friendly wave as they headed off towards a shop.

Sting smiled as he continued his trek towards the guild, a few words still ringing in his ear. 'Duh, we're talking about Rogue, your boyfriend. Why aren't you celebrating Valentines Day with him?'

The blond inwardly chuckled at that remark. Rogue and I? Dating? No way! We've known each other for years and I only think of him as a best friend, nothing more. Besides, we're both straight. Well, at least I think I am...

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