Scars (AU)

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Disclaimer: Self-Harm will be mainly featured in this one shot. If you or someone you know is prone to self-harming, then please skip onto the next chapter. And please, please, please get help for yourself as soon as you can. I want all of you readers to stay safe.

Why am I so pathetic?

That one phrase was repeated several times as Rogue flopped onto his bed.  Tears were streaming down his face as memories of his day filled his mind.

He had been attending Sabertooth High for several weeks with his boyfriend Sting. Unfortunately, Sting felt really ill this morning so Rogue had to attend school without him for the first time.

It wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't for one thing, Rogue was hated among most of his peers, mainly by the females. Not only was he dating one of the most popular guys in school, but he was also considered an emo; and for some reason, most people didn't care for emos.

Rogue shivered as he remembered being cornered by the two most popular female divas in school before school started. It was no secret that Yukino Aguria and Minerva Orland had a major crush on Sting; so when they found his little boyfriend alone, they decided to punish the poor raven.

Rogue slightly winced as he remembered the punches and insults they threw at him. Memories came flooding back to him.

''Hah, I wonder what Sting sees in you,' Yukino's fist connected to his stomach.

'Your boyfriend would be happier if he was with anyone else,' Minerva shoved him to the ground.

'I bet that he only dated you cause he felt sorry,' Yukino bashed his head to the wall.

'Although I don't know why, you're nothing more than a stray dog.' Blood started to trickle down from his head.

'Such an emo freak.' A kick in the stomach.

'Loser!' Minerva spat at his face.

'Why don't you just die already? It's not anyone will care,' Yukino taunted as the duo walked away.

That wasn't the only beating he got today, it seemed that everyone was out to get him. Also, Headmaster Jiemma decided that the issues Rogue were facing weren't important enough to take any action.

The male felt more and more tears run down his face and blurred his vision. I hate myself, he thought. I wish I was never born, if only I could stop being so pathetic. Sting doesn't deserve an emo wimp as his boyfriend, especially if it's me.

Rogue sat up and started to search under his bed. He was looking for something; something that he hadn't used ever since he started dated Sting, something he promised to himself to never touch.

He felt his eyes widen as his fingers delicately brushed the object. Rogue sighed as he pulled out a small dagger and examined it. It was worn down and the blade was blunt, however, it was still very effective.

The raven pulled up his grey sleeves and stared at his pale arms. His skin was mostly clear minus the one or two scars that continued to stay there from his last session.

Rogue closed his eyes as he gently pressed down on his arm and punctured the skin. Shocks of pain travelled through his body and red droplets started to form. But it wasn't enough for him, Rogue needed more pain. He almost craved it. He sliced the knife through his skin again, causing much more pain than before. This time blood started to ooze out quicker and Rogue felt tears pricking in his eyes. Still, he needed more...

Thirty minutes later, Rogue laid on his bed crying. Both of his arms were covered in blood and his tears were burning the freshly made marks. They were right, I'm nothing more than a loser. The knife was discarded on the floor, the raven's blood coated it from both sides. Rogue felt tempted to grab the knife yet again, when he heard the front door to his house slam shut.

"Hey Rogue, guess who it is!" A cheerful voice pierced through the silence.

Rogue mentally cursed to himself. Shit Sting, why now? The male desperately pulled down his sleeves and tidied away all of the evidence. After composing himself, he ran downstairs towards the blond and faked a smile.

"H-hi Sting," Rogue stuttered nervously.

The blond didn't seem to notice the uneasiness in his boyfriend's voice. He smirked as he walked to Rogue, "My cold has completely gone and I feel much better now. So I was wondering if-HOLY SHIT!!! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!!"

Rogue raised a brow in confusion as he had no idea what got his boyfriend so worked up. He glanced down and noticed that red splotches were showing on his shirt. His other bruises from earlier were still visible as well. Rogue bit his lip in frustration, he had been too careless.

"Rogue, what happened?" Sting questioned in a soft, more serious tone.

Rogue frowned slightly. "I-I...its fine...Sting...It's just paint...wait, don't do that!"

Sting stopped as he pulled up Rogue's shirt to see his arms. The blond trailed his eyes as he noticed every single cut that ran through the pale skin.

Rogue felt extremely guilty now and focused his eyesight in the wooden floor. Great, now Sting probably hates me. The blackette's eyes widen in shock as he was pulled into a hug. He looked up to see Sting trembling and burying his face in Rogue's shoulder.

"W-Why didn't you tell me? What happened?" Sting gently got one of the mangled arms and examined it carefully. He traced along each scar with tears forming; however, he quickly stopped when he noticed his boyfriend slightly wincing in pain.

"I didn't want you to worry about an emo freak like me. Besides, you're only dating me because you feel sorry for me," Rogue murmured over a whisper.

Sting's expression changed from one of depression to anger within a span of a few seconds. "That's bullshit! Of course I would worry about you! And what the hell Rogue?! Do you honestly believe I would go out with someone because I feel sorry for them?"

Rogue's eyes dropped to the floor. Sting sighed in frustration. I must have scared him, Sting thought to himself.

"I'm not to ask exactly what happened if you don't want me too, but know this. Rogue, I love you so much and nothing will change that. I love every single quirk that you have; like how you use proper grammar for texting or that you always know what to do. I love your hair that shapes your face perfectly, especially when it's tied up. I love your eyes, those crimson eyes that seem to stare in the depths of my soul. I love how you're so insecure and shy around other people. But what I love the most is that you're my other half." Sting gave a grin as he locked eyes with his boyfriend.

Rogue felt his face heat up. Does Sting really think that of me? Does he really love me that much?

Tears ran down Rogue's face except they were different from all the other tears he shed today. These were tears of joy, regret, happiness and love. Rogue shyly smiled in return as he leaned towards the blue eyed male.

Before Sting knew what was going on, he felt both lips connecting as one. It wasn't a very passionate kiss, nor was it intense; in fact, it only lasted for a second. But it was enough.

"Rogue, one more thing."

"Hmm," the silky voice replied in a curious manner.

"Promise me you won't ever do that again, for your sake?"

Rogue laughed gently as he planted a kiss on Sting's cheek. He lay his head on the blond's shoulder blade, exhausted from the day's events.

"I promise Sting, no more pain," were the last words that came from Rogue as he took a well earned break.

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