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Rogue Cheney and Sting Eucliffe sat down on the wooden floor in their apartment, an awkward silence filling the room.

It was the day after the dragons had attacked the city of Crocus and both males were meant to be getting ready for the celebration party occurring at the Royal Palace. However, none of them felt in the mood for celebrating anything.

Sting twiddled around with the crystal earring hanging from his left earlobe. Pathetic, the blond thought to himself. I'm supposed to be a Dragon Slayer and I couldn't take down one measly Dragon by myself.

Rogue's hands hid his head as his raven black hair covered half of his face. All that the Shadow Dragon Slayer could think about was the fact that everything was his fault. After he found out that himself from the future led the invasion, Rogue couldn't think positively. He remembered the smug grin that Future Rogue had when the dragons came out of the Eclipse Gate. To think that he and I are the same person.

The blond sighed and stood up from his spot, gently dusting off his knees and headed towards their kitchen. "I'm gonna get us something to eat, you want anything?" He enquired to the Shadow Dragon still on the floor.

Rogue nodded at his friend's request before adding, "Just don't try to burn anything down, okay?" He chuckled as he remembered the last time Sting 'cooked' breakfast for the both of them.

Sting huffed and crossed his arms in irritation. "Hey! I wasn't that bad! And don't worry, I'll just get us some snacks and drinks," Sting cheekily announced as he waggled his index finger towards his friend, disappearing into the kitchen.

Rogue chuckled at Sting's behaviour. Looking at him, you wouldn't believe that we were at the brink of death just yesterday. Rogue yawned as he laid down on the floor, realising how little sleep he had last night.

He doesn't deserve you, didn't you tell him how you would kill him. Rogue stood up in surprise and looked around the apartment, no one else was there. Ah Rogue, have you already forgotten about me? Such a shame...

The Shadow Dragon Slayer felt his heart quicken as the familiar voice clouded his mind. "What the hell d'you want?!" He asked in shock and frustration.

Me? Nothing in particular, just wanted to remind you who you really are. You're so vulnerable now, I could take over you and your life in seconds, the shadow droned with clear amusement in his words.

Rogue's entire body was shaking in fear. He curled into a ball on the floor and rocked himself in a desperate attempt to sooth his worries. "T-that won't happen! I'll make sure of it! E-everyone be-believes in me!" He announced loudly as he tried to hide to uncertainty in his voice.

He could have heard the shadow chuckle at his weakness, a chill was sent down his spine. Really? Everyone believes in you? Give me a break! I bet that they're all talking about YOU right now; about how you're the one to blame for all this. Why don't you just accept your fate and emerge with me?

Rogue screamed in an attempt to block out the shadow's words from reaching him. The Shadow Dragon covered his ears and closed his eyes, blocking all light in his sight. This is it, Rogue! You're finally accepting your destiny!

Rogue felt warm hands shake his shoulders as he heard a bright voice call out to him. The raven fluttered his eyes open as bright blue orbs stared at him worriedly. Sting smiled softly as he noticed his friend responding to his calls.

Rogue suddenly remembered why the shadow had never taken over him before. It was Sting! Sting always brought him into the light and dispelled the darkness. No matter how klutzy or ignorant the blond could be, there was never a pessimistic thought around him. Sting was his comfort and his support. Sting was what he needed to fight his inner demons.

Rogue smiled in relief as he wrapped his arms around Sting, burying his face deeper into the blond's neck; the raven sighed as the smell of flowers, vanilla and a faint cologne wafted into his nose, triggering his senses. This was the smell of home for him.

Sting didn't question or inquire the male about his weird behaviour, just returned the hug as they sat there in silence. This silence was different, it was pleasing and calm. "I got the cookies!" The White Dragon exclaimed cheerfully, bringing up the mood in the sombre atmosphere.

Rogue chuckled slightly as both males worked their way through the pulled plate and glasses of milk, hugging each other the entire time. After several hours of this, they stood up, complaining about how sore their butts were, and headed to their separate rooms. They spent two hours preparing themselves for the party and headed out together.

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