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Disclaimer: I don't own Fairy Tail or any of the characters (if I did Stingue would be canon by now), credits go to Hiro Mahima and A1 pictures. Also happy Stingue week!

Rogue shivered slightly as he pulled his pristine bed covers closer to his freezing body. It was the middle of the night and the mage found himself the only one awake; that thought terrified him.

Rogue sighed slightly as he felt his eyelids getting heavier. He wasn't able to have a good nights sleep for a few weeks now. Most of his friends in Sabertooth have noticed the baggy eyes and droopy behaviour, but he brushed of their concerns and convinced them that he was fine. However, he wasn't fine, not at all.

It was the damn dark that was keeping him up at night, scaring him, he could hear the shadows whispering to him. Convincing him to emerge within the shadows at last.

The Shadow Dragon Slayer became more self conscious about his abilities ever since the Grand Magic Games debacle and seeing his future self. He had to make sure to never become that man; to never turn into a monster.

Rogue felt salty tears gently roll down the side of his face, he sobbed to himself quietly as he gripped the bed sheets. He hated himself! He hated his powers! He hated the fact that he was such an emo freak! He hated how he's become such a burden! If only he could end it all...

"Rogue. Everything okay?" A groggy voice called out from the door.

Rogue focused his red slitted eyes at the entrance and tried to make out the silhouette. It was Sting! Rogue started to wipe away any tears from his face and slowed down his breathing; he didn't want his friend knowing he just had a meltdown. Rogue plastered on a fake smile that strained his mouth and replied, "Yeah, I'm alright."

"No you're not! I heard you crying just a minute ago," Sting huskily announced and started heading towards the figure in the bed. The blond sat down and leaned over to the blackette, starting to caress the silky black locks. He moved away the bang covering Rouge's face and stared into the depths of his soul. "Come on, what's got you worked up?"


"Rogue, tell me," Sting almost begged. He hated seeing the shadow mage in a vulnerable state.


Sting sighed. Looks like he'll have to squeeze it out of him. "It's about the Future Rogue incident, right?"

"...Yeah..." Rogue croaked out in an exhausted tone.

"Rogue! How many times do I have to tell you? You'll never become him!" Sting stated, shaking his head at the same time.

Rogue exhaled slowly as he turned away from Sting, twiddling with his thumbs as he felt a lump in his throat. "I...I just don't like the dark! It makes me feel scared, vulnerable even and I'm worried that the shadows might take me, like they did when I was with Gajeel! This is all my fault! If I wasn't so weak maybe I could fend them off! Maybe I could-"

His thoughts were cut off as strong, muscular arms wrapped around his torso. Rogue slightly blushed as he felt Sting burying his face in the blackette's neck. Rogue felt himself getting more flustered as the blond planted a kiss on one of his shoulder blades.

"Well, I don't really know how to help out with that stuff in the future, but I can start now! I want you to be happy Rogue, you deserve it," the Light Dragon Slayer lazily whispered as he stood up and headed towards to the door.

"Sting, wait!"

Sting found himself turning back to the bed where he saw a blushing Rogue twiddling with his thumbs. Goddamn it, he looks so freaking adorable like that.

"Can you sleep with me tonight? N-Not like that! Just cuddling," Rogue found himself stammering and tried to hide his face.

He felt the familiar arms wrap around him once more and looked up, meeting bright blue eyes that sparkled at his request. "Whatever you want, buddy" Sting chucked lightly.

Rogue smiled back softly and wrapped his arms around Sting, wishing to never let go. They laid down on the bed and cuddled for a few minutes, staying in silence. "Sting?" Rogue asked breaking the silence.

"Hmm," came the lazy reply.

"I love you," Rogue confessed quietly, barely over a whisper. He was worried about how his friend might react.

Sting giggled and scooted over to Rogue's face until they were millimetres apart. He gently kissed Rogue's forehead and smiled to himself. "I love you too, Rogue."

Rouge smiled to himself. Maybe the night isn't so bad after all, if I can keep cuddling with Sting that is...

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