The past...seriously?

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Hey guys, this is my first fanfic so please enjoy! And if you haven't noticed this story is labeled 'fanfiction' because I am not Rick Riordan and I don't own Percy Jackson! ( though if I did you could be assured that in Blood of Olympus Gaia would give up and there would be lots of percabeth, frazel , jasper and caleo babies 😁😁😁)

Chapter 1

Olympus. The home of the gods. And for this one day of the year all 14 Olympians were sitting in their throne room in their full 15 feet tall forms.

The sounds of shouting echoed of the walls. Poseidon and Athena were arguing (what a surprise) about Zeus knows what.

"Kelp brain!"

"Owl head!"

"Fish face!"

"Brain on legs!"

"Barnacle beard!"

"Feather brain!"

Demeter was lecturing Hades about kidnapping Persephone.

"Will you shut up already!"

"Well if only you would eat some more cereal!"

Hades put his head in his hands and groaned, "oh, not this again."

Hera was screaming at Zeus for cheating on her again.

"It's not my fault!"

"How on Olympus is it not your fault! It's entirely your fault and because of you your daughter is now a tree!"

Zeus started sulking because this was still a sensitive subject for him after he had to turn Thalia into a pine tree only a few weeks ago.

Artemis and Apollo were almost ready to start firing arrows at each other.

"Well if you would just stop flirting with my hunters then i wont have to turn that stupid son of yours into a jackalope!"

"How dare you insult my son! What did he ever do to you!?"

"He was hitting on Zoë!"

"He was not! It was her fault that she was in the infirmary after getting shot with one of my daughters arrows in capture the flag, your only complaining 'cos my kids are better at archery than your hunters!"

Aphrodite was complaining to Ares about how he cheated on her again.

"And to think i thought you actually cared for me!"

"Please babe, it's not like your cabin isn't full of your kids!"

"Thats not the point! I cant believe you would cheat on me!"

Hephaestus rolled his eyes, he just finished putting the finishing touches to a camera he was making and handed it over to Hermes who began filming the arguments.

Dionysus was barely paying attention to his surroundings and just kept reading his wine catalogue.

Meanwhile Hestia was looking at her family disapprovingly and only she noticed the door start to glow faintly. As the light got harsher one by one the arguments ceased. The thrown room on Olympus was silent. Eventually the light got fierce enough for even the gods and they had to look away, when suddenly the blinding light stopped shining. In its place- where the door should have been- was a vortex, a swirling mass of inky air, like a black hole.

Most of the Olympians where on their feet with their respective weapons ready in a matter of seconds, however, when nothing happened Zeus carefully walked up to the strange vortex. He sent a small shock into it to see what would happen.

"Father, it isn't wise to..."

But Athena's voice faltered, three old ladies seemingly jumped out of the portal.

"Why so eager to attack Zeus?" The first lady said in a raspy voice.

"Fates," Zeus said respectfully, "Why have you disrupted our meeting?"

"This is what you call a meeting? Shouting at each other until your voices are sore?" The second lady said with a hint of amusement. Before Any of the gods could protest the third lady spoke.

"In the future, you," she gestured to all the gods,"and your children will encounter worse horrors than you can imagine, we have come to prepare you. There will be many arrivals, some of the children will have had hard lives and they are also extremely important in the future so they may not be harmed or injured in any way."

"We ask of you only one thing," the first spoke again, "be considerate, these are your children and we expect you to act like parents, do not think of this as a set back, think of this as preparation for the future. Learn from it."

After they had finished speaking they were sucked back into the black hole. Zeus walked back to his thrown in a daze.

After a few moments the portal changed colours, swirling into a picture, their first guests.

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