Yancy Academy

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"When he was twelve he attended Yancy Academy, with me, and his favourite teacher by far was Mr Brunner. The way that I know that Mr Brunner was his favourite was because in all my time there Percy never fell asleep in one of his classes."

"He slept in class?..." Athena had to contemplate that for a while.

"Mr Brunner," Grover continued. "was our mythology teacher."

"So thats why he stayed awake!" Thalia tried to smile but it never reached her eyes, Artemis noticed this and wandered why a member of her hunters - the lieutenant no less - was so affected by a ...boy... that had been kidnapped.

"Yes, well, anyway, one day we were on a trip to a museum and after being put on the spot about some of the greek myths ("Knowing Perce he probably got them wrong") which he got correct ("Damn it!") we were sitting outside and eating lunch when the school bully - Nancy Bobofit - walked up to us and started making snarky comments at Percy."

Rachel and Thalia, being close to Grover, knew he was missing out some parts of the story but they decided - if Grover was purposely missing them out it must be for a good reason.

"So when Percy started to get defensive and retaliated Mrs Dodds came to see what the trouble was and called Percy inside."

"Now of course I knew that there was something wrong with Mrs Dodds as soon as I went to the school. She was obviously a monster but I just didn't know which one. So , naturally, no matter what I said she would never believe me, knowing I was a satyr."

"after they disappeared inside I rushed to go and find Mr Brunner."

"But why?" Apollo asked while trying to poke Ares with his bow.

"You'll find out soon" Grover said hesitantly, not wanting to sow the gods any disrespect.

"And no one, except Percy and Mr Brunner and maybe Annabeth, knows exactly what happened inside that museum because Percy doesn't like to talk about it and that means Mr Brunner won't go around gossiping about it. All we do know is that Mrs Dodds turned out to be a fury and after Mr Brunner gave Percy a sword Percy defeated her with just one strike."

"Wait...what? How?" Hades was astounded, "Only one strike? one single strike by a young demigod with no training? How?"

"He must be one of my kids with sword work like that." Ares stated.

"No, he must be my child to be that powerful." Zeus countered, but after a look from Hera he added with an uneasy smile, "but that is a ludicrous idea of course, I would never brake my vow again"

Grover continued cautiously, "when the agonising wait was over Percy came outside in a daze, but Nancy got to him before I could and asked him about Mrs Kerr. Percy, of course, had no idea who 'Mrs Kerr' was but i made a safe guess that that was the name the mist covered up Mrs Dodds as."

"oh, the good ol' mist, it will go on confusing mortals for generations to come." Hermes fake-sighed.

"Over the next few weeks Mrs Kerr taught us maths and we studied (or not in Percy's case) for our upcoming exams. However I knew that Percy had to get to Camp Half-Blood soon because he had already experienced his first monster and was going to attract more. He also needed to come to camp before the summer solstice for reasons that will be explained soon."

"But I wont bore you with the whole school story so I will skip to when we were after school and traveling home. While we were traveling I tried to explain about the world of the Greek gods but before long the bus we were traveling on broke down and we had to get off the vehicle."

"However, once we got off, on the other side of the road were a trio of old ladies knitting - the fates - now, I didn't actually see it but Percy tells me that he saw them snip a life chord."

Gasps of horror wrung through the throne room.

"B-but he never t-told me!" Thalia stuttered.

"How come I never knew this?!" Rachel was starting to get angry until she recalled what had appeared in some of her dreams, just short fragments of Percy in battered clothes and covered in dirt walking around in the gloom with Annabeth in a similar state. Whether it was past, present or future, she did not know. Nor did she want to.

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