Starting the story

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Well here is chapter 2 so enjoy :)

The gods were silent as a picture formed in the doorway, in the scene there was a girl, probably in her mid-teens with ginger hair. She was sitting on the floor of a cave cross legged and bare-footed with a paintbrush in hand. She was just putting the finishing touches to a painting of a boat. The gods instantly recognised the style of a greek warship but there was something different about it, it looked more...modern. In front of the boat was a group of seven people- on the far left was a latino boy who was wearing a tool belt, he was most likely a child of Hephaestus even though he didn't have the same build; next to him was a native american girl with eagle feathers in her hair; she was holding hands with a blond boy who was the tallest of the group. In the middle was a blond girl whose grey eyes stood out vibrantly in the painting, 'most likely a daughter of Athena' the gods thought; a boys arm was resting around her waist, the boy had jet black hair and a smirk on his face; next to him was an african american girl with cinnamon coloured frizzy hair and a golden sward strapped to her waist; on the far right was a tall boy who had a buzz cut and a bow slung over his shoulder, he was wearing a purple shirt.

The ginger girl started adding one more person on the end of the line but he was very short and it soon became apparent that it was a satyr.

Soon there was a voice and the angle of the gods view turned so they could see the rest of the cave. Finished paintings hung on the walls and a large bed was pressed up against one side. There was a large purple curtain that probably covered the entrance.

"Rachel?" A girls voice called.

"Are we allowed to come in?" Another voice, this time male, asked.

"Yeah, sure, I've got something to show you guys anyway."

When the two new people stepped into the scene the gods gasped. One was a satyr-not that surprising, but the other was a girl that had black hair cut short and her eyes were surrounded in eyeliner. The gods new this was Thalia Grace...but she was a tree...

Her age was not the only difference though, on her head was a silver circlet- the mark of the lieutenant of Artemis. The gods all turned their heads to said goddess who just muttered one word under her breath.


The satyr walked up to the new painting and asked, "Who are the two on the end of the line - next to Gleeson?"

"Oh," The redhead replied, "They are Frank Zhang and Hazel Levesque, they're Romans"

"Wait...Romans..." Athena trailed off but the other gods didn't notice her.

"How do you know that?" the Thalia copy asked.

"I had a dream, their powers are pretty cool, Frank can turn in to animals and Hazel can control precious metals - and before you ask i dreamt that as well, the spirit has been nagging me for ages."

Apollo was nearly bouncing on his chair, "does she mean the spirit of Delphi? Because that would be so cool!"

But if she is the spirit then that means I am accepted on olympus...Hades thought.

Thalia slowly walked towards the picture, and touched it gingerly.

"Annabeth" she muttered, "what did you do to deserve this?"

Athena had gone pale, "Deserve what? Whats wrong?"

No answer came.

The satyr looked at the picture longingly, "but wh-" he was cut off.

The vortex began to swirl faster, the three teenagers slowly started sliding toward it.

"Woah," the Rachel girl lost her footing and Grover caught her, Thalia nocked an arrow and sent it flying, it disappeared through the vortex and if Hera hadn't moved she would have resembled a very angry unicorn.

The trio grabbed their favoured weapons- Thalia, her bow, Grover, his panpipes and Rachel, a blue plastic hairbrush.

A tune filled the air and with the power of Pan Grover caused plants to snake over the now visible vortex, but the plants were just being ripped away and sucked into the throne room.

"What is going on?!" Rachel screamed as her furniture started to slide along the floor, steadying herself she lobbed the hairbrush as hard as she could.

Zeus didn't even have time to react before he saw a blue blur and felt a sharp pain in his right eye. Despite the tension a chuckle could still be heard from Zeus' older brothers.

"I have no idea Rachel, so lets find out" and with that Thalia gave one end of her bow to Grover ("hold on tight") and leaped through the portal.

Seeing where she was the girl quickly bowed low and tugged on the end of her bow, only seconds later the satyr and the redhead tumbled into the vast room. The portal started to reduce in size and close until it was completely gone.

"Why have you summoned us lord Zeus?" Thalia said then muttered, "though you could have just asked"

Ignoring her question Zeus said "Thalia?" In a questioning tone, "how are you alive?"

That confused Thalia, she sent a curious glance to Artemis but only received a blank look. "Um, i know this may sound like a weird question but what year is it?"

"2000, it has been for the last eleven months" Apollo said with a wink in Thalia's direction, but this was ignored as the three teenagers looked at each other in alarm.

"But this was when..." Grover trailed off and gave a nervous look to the king of the gods.

Because Zeus was still lost for words, Hera took over, "well what are you names then?"

"Thalia, Daughter of Zeus and lieutenant of Artemis. Also a saviour of Olympus" Thalia said, her posture straightening and her eyes lighting up.

"Grover Underwood, satyr, lord of the wild and founder of Pan"

Zeus was too shocked that Pan had been found to realise who Grover was.

To break the awkward silence Rachel announced herself, "Rachel Dare, mortal and Oracle of Delphi"

Apollo was so exited he started jumping up and down in his seat and began to glow. Until a silver arrow lodged its self in the head board of his throne, that is.

A note fluttered down from the ceiling, Grover read it aloud, "Tell the story of Perseus Jackson"

"Is that all? Tell Percy's story?" Rachel asked.

"What do you mean 'is that all'? Have you ever heard the storeys of his quests?"

"Well yeah, but only in short. I mean, it's not like he wants to talk about them."

"Fine well I'll have to tell the first one then, seeing as no one else here was actually on the quest" Grover said so there wouldn't be an argument in front of the gods.

Poseidon cleared his throat, "would you care to tell us who this 'Perseus Jackson' boy is?"

Thalia kept a blank face, she didn't want to ruin her uncles plan to not be found out, "he is, was, our friend."

"Was?" Artemis was puzzled, her future lieutenant was saying this...boy...was no longer her friend however the tone in her voice clearly showed that she thought highly of him.

"Yeah, was, we haven't heard from him in months."

"What? Why?" Worry was clearly evident on Poseidon's face but it went unnoticed by his brothers.

"He was kidnapped." Thalia said simply but her glare was settled on Hera. Both Athena and Hephaestus noticed this and put two and two together, they may not know this boy but if it was his story that was to be told then he must be important.

"Well can we hurry up then if we really need to hear the story of Peter Johnson" Dionysus slurred.

"Only if there are battles" Ares piped in.

"oohh, will there be a love story?" Aphrodite asked, this set off the other gods to ask questions.

"Who is he the son of?"

"Why is he so famous?"

"Who kidnapped him?"

Not knowing how to answer all the questions Grover just said, "well you will all find out when we get to those parts in the story. So I suppose I better start then. When he was twelve he attended Yancy Academy..."

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