The Minotaur (part 2)

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When the picture cleared Grover and Rachel had to hold Thalia back from running to her death.

In the vortex were four clear figures surrounded by monster dust.

Jason Grace.

Piper McLean.

Frank Zhang.

Nico Di Angelo.

"Seriously Piper, I'm fine." Frank said exasperatedly, while he pulled the shaft of an arrow out of his arm.

Hermes let out a low whistle, "Man, he didn't even wince!"

"Frank!" Piper replied sternly, "eat the ambrosia!"

"But it doesn't even hurt!" He winged but ate it anyway.

"It will in a minute though, after the blessing wears off" Jason said with a sympathetic look.

"Ive seen it happen my self, Clarisse was totally worn out afterwards," Nico said only half paying attention, "but with or without you, we split up and we will need all of the demigods we can to monster guarding the doors of death."

Hades spluttered, "did he just say the doors of death!?"

"Uh, yeah, it's a long story but i'll have to let them explain," Rachel replied almost apologetically to the lord of the dead.

"I've got this," Frank said and went to take a step forward but couldn't, his foot wouldn't leave the floor.

Piper's feet started sliding across the mosaics covering the floor, Jason grabbed her arm before she could trip.

"You okay?"

"No, no she's not," Nico said staring at the twisting clouds behind the couple.

Thalia finally found her voice, "JASON!!!" She screamed at the top of her voice (which was very loud- even Dionysus woke up) but to no prevail - sound could not travel back through the void.

Piper was continuing to slide despite Jason's efforts. With both pain and worry etched on his face even Jason was starting to slip as he neared the clouds.

Frank and Nico stepped in to help but again - as they came closer the force pulling them grew stronger.

Katoptris, which was in Piper's sheath on her belt, freed its self and flew into the portal.

"You... can't... go... back... through!" Grover grunted as he struggled to retain Thalia. Suddenly, the huntress stopped struggling and crumpled to the floor - Rachel reached out to her to help her up and gasped, her eyes grew wide and her skin paled.

There was a dagger stuck in her left thigh. Piper's dagger.

When the gods heard her cry of pain they tore their eyes away from the picture in the void and looked at where the teenagers were standing.

Zeus started to get up but stopped when he saw the twin archers rise. Artemis and Apollo rushed to kneel down either side of Thalia - Apollo tended her leg by chanting some incantations while Artemis tried to distract her lieutenant with ambrosia and speaking calmly.

"You must rest now, it will help the healing process" Artemis said before touching the crescent moon in the centre of Thalia's circlet which glowed faintly before the silver aura surrounding the girl became more prominent and her face relaxed and her body went limp. Slowly Thalia's eyes closed.

Apollo conjured up a sofa that could easily fit the now sleeping Thalia and with the help of Grover ( who was now 32 and looked more like a 16-year-old ) lifted her onto the make-shift bed.

Apollo was putting a bandage over the wound when they heard a 'thump' sound and looked over to see a pile of struggling demigods with a closing portal behind them.

Nico - who was on the top of the demigod sandwich - got up first and brushed off his trousers while Frank and Jason got up and helped Piper before noticing where they were. Both Jason and Frank lowered to one knee and bowed their heads at the sight of the gods - something they were taught in the legion Piper guessed. And before long she was curtseying. Nico, however, didn't move - he just stood and lessened the harshness of his glare.

When Jason and Frank rose they saw the daughter of Zeus.

"How... Why... What?" Jason stuttered as he made his way over to his sister.

When Nico followed Jason's gaze a look of anger spread across his face, " who did this?" Despite his calming tone his posture was stronger and his glare reappeared, "why are we even here?"

"Nico, calm down," Piper spoke smoothly but power was laced in her words, "stop calling on the shadows for help- that won't m--- where's my dagger?!"

Piper felt no weight in her scabbard so she checked the floor around her to no prevail.

"Is this it?" Artemis asked with no emotion on her face or in her words.

"Y-yes, yes it is milady. But... Why is there blood on it? Monsters don't bleed and... Oh gods, no." Her gaze drifted to Thalia's leg, now wrapped in bandages. "I didn't... Wouldn't... Couldn't... No."

She ran over and kneeled down next to her boyfriend. Nico was paralysed, just staring at his cousin-who-was-more-like-a-sister. Frank, who didn't know Thalia, was trying not to stare at the gods in amazement. Rachel walked over to reassure Piper and tell her how it happened- they had become close over the time Leo was building the Argo II. Grover cleared his throat and announced, "this is Jason, Piper and um, sorry what was your name?"


"Jason, Piper and Frank - the first members of the seven of the prophecy. And this is-"

Grover was cut of by the Lord of the Dead, "Nico. Nico di Angelo."

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