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4 months later

I look up to see my fiancé staring back at me with a stern look. I look back to my feet, not being able to hold his gaze.

My father squeezes my hand in support, he probably thinks I'm nervous but really, I'm scared. I don't want this, it's too early. I can't marry a man I met just 4 months ago. I fear my fiancé.

I stop walking and take a step back. Looking around at everyone's face, most with shocked looks and some with confusion clouded in there eyes. Noticing the music stop I look back to Damien and see confusion but mostly anger on his face.
My eyes widen and I quickly turn around and run out of the giant church, being glad that I wore flats to my wedding.

I turn down the street feeling the cold wind blowing on my face. I look behind me and see Damien gaining on me, I also see his body guards running a bit behind him with sterns faces. Fear overcomes me and I run faster.

I turn down a street and see a taxi with someone exiting. This is my chance to get away. I quickly rush up to the driver and get in. "Go, go, go!" He looks back at me in confusion and starts the car seemingly slow, he starts to drive and I lock the doors.

I look through the back window and see Damien trying to catch the car. He soon stops and looks at me with anger and then sadness. My heart clenches, he was good on the outside but just not good on the inside.

"Where to ma'am?" The taxi driver breaks me out of my thoughts. I realize that I don't have any money. I gulp and look back at him. He is quite young, maybe 24 or 25, also handsome. I smile softly at him and look out the window.

"How ever far you can take me away from here." I say to him in a quiet tone. I hold onto the necklace my mother gave me, not knowing it had a tracking device planted inside it from Damien.

I feel the drivers stare on me, he can clearly see that I have no money but he keeps driving for hours and hours, not speaking and only stopping twice for bathroom breaks.

I'm free.

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