Chapter Two

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Here you go. I hope this chapter is a little longer than the previous one :)



There's a pretty steamy scene towards the end. It doesn't go into detail but I just thought I would let you know :D


"Come on Alara. It'll be fun, I promise!"

I was currently on the phone with Jenna. Apparently this popular guy in school called Jared (who, just for the record, I have never actually heard of before) was throwing this big back to school bash. Which made absolutely no sense because, I mean, come on, who likes going to school? Oh well, it's probably just an excuse to have a party. Plus, according to Jenna, Jared's parents were away on a couples vacation and wouldn't be back until next week, which was also a great opportunity to do this now. I wasn't really the 'party' type of girl, but I decided on agreeing to go, just to shut Jenna up.

"Fine, I'll go," I groaned loudly, "But only for you."

"YAY!" she yelled into the phone, nearly busting my eardrum.

"Wow, okay," I winced, ears still ringing, "So when are you planning on picking me up?"

"Tonight at seven," she replied, bubbly, "Ooh, actually, I'm gonna come over to your house earlier so we can get ready together!"

"Oh joy," I said sarcastically before realizing my mistake when the other end went silent, "I mean, can't wait!" I squealed, rolling my eyes at my fake excitement.

I did love Jenna but sometimes she could be really annoying and persuasive. She wouldn't take no for an answer. Literally.

"Okay, I'll be over in ten minutes!" she said quickly, hanging up before I could reply.

Ten minutes?! How long did she think it would take us to get ready? If the party started at seven- thirty that would leave us with four hours to spare. Although knowing Jenna we would probably need even more time than that, judging by how long it takes her to do a single strand of her hair.

And of course, exactly ten minutes later, Jenna had rocked up at my doorstep, carrying with her what appeared to be two very large duffel bags. What was she, camping out?

"Please, take one," she groaned, "My arms are killing me."

"Why did you even take this much? All you really needed was a makeup bag and some clothes. What did you put in this thing anyways?" I said, nodding down to the bag that she had so rudely practically dumped on me.

"Just the essentials," she beamed happily, already making her way toward my room.

"Just the essentials..." I scoffed under my breath, "More like the entire house."

When I entered my room I realized she had already emptied my entire closet out and was shifting through it all - a big mound on the floor.

"I don't think there was a need to throw all my clothes onto the floor, but whatever floats your boat I guess," I sighed.

Ignoring me, Jenna lifted up a black mini dress that I had stolen off my sister a while ago, but had never gotten the chance to wear.

"You would look ah-mazing in this, my dear," she said throwing it at me, "Try it on."

I don't think I had much choice, so I went into the bathroom connected to my bedroom, slipped on the dress, and looked myself over in the wide dresser mirror.

The dress fit snugly against my curves, making my body look surprisingly better than it actually was. It had built-in cups, which made my boobs look huge, which suited me just fine. I just didn't want guys being all over me because of it. Isn't that what they did these days? Judged you by your looks? Or at least that's what I've picked up.

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