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Kai's home was unusual to say the least, it appeared as a regular upper middle class home if you excluded the plants, her house was overrun with plants on purpose. She had over 40 plants in her home, this included herbs, regular house plants, some vegetables and lots of small flowers, her roof was 25% moss and 75% wisteria vines, and her whole yard had massive trees acting as shade for the livestock that ran amok. Before her mother began to grow plants the brick walls were individually painted with bright flashy colors, so now when you peer closely at it you can see hints of the old paint. When you look up at the ceiling there are vines growing on the walls, Kai remembers nights where she would look up and just stare at the vines, other times she would have moments where she would stare at her floor, in which there were cracks and gaps, which created drafts but they tended to be beneficial in case she ever spilled concord grape juice. The Soteira family moved often, and when they did the house did too, yes, it would move, in a way, when it was time to move the 2 acres that they owned would rise and disconnect itself from the ground and float to their new location. The Soteira household was known for having 2 Zashiki-Warashi inside, they were quite obviously mischievous little spirits, running around the home, creating a huge ruckus, which often resulted in the Soteira family buying a lot of sweets and pastries for the little spirits.

Mr. and Mrs. Soteira's occupations were tailors with their specialty being wedding dresses, in the mage culture, wedding dresses were similar to a human's wedding dress, albeit a wedding dress for a mage was more colorful, whimsical and what human's would call "unconventional", featuring a abundance of embellishments, ruffles, lace and the likes to suit the bride's taste, while still looking like a classy wedding dress. So Kai wasn't surprised when she was chucked into a silk lilac princess-style gown, with 5 skirt layers and 10 layers of petticoats, as she was fighting for her right to breathe, she thought about how some human child (or multi-color hair unicorn fanatic) would consider this their dream dress, she wasn't trying to be cynical but she would never wear so many layers for her wedding, it's just like cake, too much is overdoing it and too little barely covers the cake, there was always that right in-between. "Does it fit?" Her mother asked, you would think that a mother and professional tailor would dress very professionally, but in the case of Kai's mother, Vivian Soteira, dressed in shorts, sneakers and wore a very short crop top to show off her tattooed upper body, while her long wild blond-dyed hair was put in a half-ponytail, then again, Vivian was very young, being only 15 when she gave birth to Kai.

Kai's father observed her, before shaking her head "It makes her look too skinny" he said before going back to the drawing board. Kai's father, Agnar Soteira, can be considered to be very strange when it comes to personality yet it's often overlooked by how handsome he was, he was Afro-German, his father being German and his mother was from South Africa, he was very handsome, with his curly brown hair, deep set eyes, beautiful dark skin, and he was lean and muscular with a handsome face to match. Agnar sighs as he looks at the board and back at his daughter, who was fighting to remove the dress, "Should we start over?" Vivian suggested to her husband, hugging him from behind "No, I think we just should remove the petticoats and pull up the skirts in certain places" Kai freed herself from the cloth prison and placed it on a hanger, Agnar observed the dress, "The bride said that she's trying to lose weight before her wedding" Vivian noted as Agnar began to lift layers in various ways, "How many pounds?" Kai asked as she checked her half-naked self in the mirror, she had a lot of stretch marks on her thighs and stomach, like a mother's postpartum body. Kai readjusted her bra before putting her clothes back on, in which she luckily dressed lightly today, she hops off the pedestal "Bride said she wants to lose at least 20 pounds" Agnar said to his daughter, before turning to her, his eyes were beautiful yet unsettling, one was gold with a pitch black sclera, the other was a white bull, he plays with her cute button nose before a loud ding rang through the house "Oh! Pizza dip is ready!" Agnar said before quickly shuffling to the kitchen.

Kai goes to her living room to join her dorm family, "Fit?" Kira asked Kai nods as she sits down, her dad comes into the room, carrying a hot glass bowl with his bare hands and puts it down, before casually going back to the work room "My dad said I looked too skinny in it" Kai as she dipped her bagel chip into the spicy pizza dip, she was about to take a bite before dropping it from how hot it was "Cao xanh ơi!" She uttered, a Zashiki-Warashi came by picking up the fallen bagel chip and popping it into it's mouth before running off. Linh began to laugh, "Kai that was super southern!" He said wiping tears away, Kai smiles as she pinches his arm "Well my mom is southern so I'm of course super southern" Kai said as she struck a pose, everyone laughs before digging in.

After the visit and they went back to the academy, they all relaxed in their dorm, when a knock came at the door, Frigg comes in "Hey Kai, another commission. It's a orphanage on East Hind Street" Kai slowly gets up "Cao xanh ơi" she mutters, she calls to Gunther who grumbles before following her out the door.

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