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Orphanages made Kai want to cry, the idea of children abandoned by parents was sad no matter what the circumstance, children tend to be helpless, mage children are even worse. As children mages cannot be separated from their own kind no matter what, just like how a child needed someone to hold their hand, a mage needed a parent or parental figure to guide them so they didn't blow up a building or summon a rogue demon by accident, which is why the academy have surrogate parents for the children, to make sure that the child didn't accidentally summon a child of Satan.

Kai walks into the orphanage, the head caretaker was a middle-aged woman, she appeared weary and the kids were either hiding behind her or trying to play with Gunther. "Hello Ms. Andersen, I'm Kai Soteira, if I'm correct I was sent here to take care of a problem in the attic?" Kai said Ms. Andersen nods, "Attic is to your left" she leans closely and asks her if she can speak German, Kai nods which makes Ms. Andersen looked relieved, Ms. Andersen explains in German what was happening in the attic. Apparently some of the children can hear growling and thumping coming from the attic, while one time a older child went up into the attic and saw a large demonic figure before screaming and running back down. Kai told Ms. Andersen to evacuate every resident and lock her in there, Ms. Andersen obliged, Kai stood in the middle of the room, with Gunther at her side.

"Smell anything?" Kai asked Gunther as he moved his heads around "I just smell milk and dirty diapers" Gunther says in disgust, Kai looks at him before shaking her head and begins to walk up the stairs to the attic. There in the attic it smelled like insulation, dust, and moist, it had that feeling of humidity which caused everything to go moist, Kai took out her spirit camera and snapped a couple of pictures, she examined the photos, "No ghost" Kai said as Gunther sniffed around "It may either be a pest or a demon" Gunther suggested, Kai began to whistle trying to provoke a certain type of demon.


Kai tries again, this time whistling slowly and in low tones to attract another type of demon, she stops waiting for a reaction, Gunther begins to growl, before either one can make a move Kai was suddenly pinned to the ground. Gunther barks but is slapped so hard he goes flying out the window, Kai began to claw at the thing that had her throat pinned, "A lust demon, I knew it" Kai managed to choke out, the demon grins at her before grabbing at her work clothes and ripping them off "I usually eat pigs but I'll make an exception for you" the demon said as it began to grope her, it shows off it's long forked tongue and begins to lick her body "Who are you calling a pig?!" Kai grabs it tongue and yanks hard causing it's face to come closer before she punched hard.

The demon let go of her throat, holding it's face, Kai gets up trying to search for one her knives in her torn clothes, and before she could she was slammed against the wall, so she was face first against the wall and bent down at an angle. The lust demon groped her ass and tore her panties off, Kai pressed her palms against the wall and donkey kicked the demon in it's abdomen area, and it buckled down from the pain. Kai quickly puts on what's left of her clothes for modesty sake, the demon got up, Kai found her butterfly knife, the rainbow one with a serrated blade, she flips it and throws it at the demon. It howls in pain when the blade pierces it's throat and looks at Kai, it growls before charging towards her, Kai finds another knife, but before she could do anything she got tackled so hard it looked like out of the movies, where she'll end up hitting the window, causing it to shatter and the two fighter will end up falling but still fighting even after reaching impact, yeah that's exactly what happened on impact.

Kai found a trench knife in her breast pocket, and stabbed the lust demon in it's neck, it yelped in pain as Kai dug the knife deeper and deeper, until she reached it's maximum length. Kai rolled out and found a garden hoe, she picked it up and began savagely beating the demon over and over until it was limp, she knew she didn't kill it, you can't kill demons it's the most difficult thing ever, Kai dropped the hoe, and she raised her arms. She chants a spell to send it back to where it came from, she collapses on the ground, she hears a certain 'Pap pap pap' along with a jingle of a collar, she turns to see Gunther dragging a young girl with his left head, "Where the fuck were you?" Kai asked "Sorry that a lust demon was stronger than me. I was trying to get back to you but I got distracted by this girl, she smelled weird, she smelled like magic" he says, the young girl was terrified, she appeared to be East Asian possessing long black hair, fair skin, her right eye being sunset gold and her left being a red chrysanthemum.

"You're a mage" Kai said simply the girl squirmed "Let me go!" She insisted, Gunther releases her and Kai picks her up by her ankle causing her dark blue dress to fall revealing her panties, "What's your name?" Kai asked the young girl "Julia" Kai examines her "Julia...Duong?" Kai asked aloud Julia raised an eyebrow "What?" Kai shakes her head "Nothing, I'm taking you with me" Kai said holding Julia like how Prince Charming would hold the damsel in distress.

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