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Kai was exhausted, to the point that Gunther had to carry her back to her dorm, luckily Gunther was at least 6 times the size of a English Mastiff, and he's considered a small size. "Ugh, remind me to never try to fight Chinese Vampires in a garden again" Kai says as she weakly gets up to unlock the dorm door "You should be happy that I tried to help you" Gunther points out when she finally opens the door, her whole dorm family is inside waiting for her, "Hey, how did this one go?" Sam asked, eyeing the bleeding wounds on Kai's face and arms "Chinese Vampires are no joke" Kai said, sliding off of Gunther, falling to the floor with a solid thud, Sam crawls over and begins to do her things, Markus peers over and automatically knows what to do, he waddles off before returning with Sam's medical kit, it was a very large kit the size of a Jersey girl's hairdo. Sam dabs at the wounds and sanitizes them before gently dressing them, "Alright, so we'll do our outdoor dinner, of Ahi Tuna salad, Mac and Chili Cheese, Potato Nachos and Dessert Pizza" everyone agrees to what Wodan said before he continues, "After doing our chores we're going to the sulfur bathhouses with Frigg's dorm family" he looks at everyone as they all nod, Wodan does his usual goofy grin, before revealing their basket of food "Kai, we made some of the food while you were gone, but we did it only half way so we could finish at our dinner spot" he said as they all stood up, "All right my babies let's go" he chirped before they all began to leave.

They made it to their spot, which was a hill-side view of the lake, which was crystal clear and full of friendly aquatic creatures, everyone joked around while Wodan set it up with a little help from Kai and Sam, as they were the oldest, when another dorm family arrived, it was dorm 4-23, which was Linh's dorm family. Linh's dorm parent waved cheerfully, her name was Frigg and she just so happened to be Wodan's older sister, "What's happening little bro?" She asked, playfully wrapping her arm around his shoulders "Just having outdoor dinner. Remember? You signed up your group to join us" Wodan pointed out, Frigg frowns in confusion before pulling out her bi-weekly schedule, causing a couple of used tissue paper to fall out, along with some spare change, "Dysfunctional mother much?" Wodan said in a snarky tone before his sister kicked him in the shin, she looks at her schedule before smiling sheepishly "Looks like I did" she said she turns to her dorm children and tells them to settle for now.

Kai looked at the letter that was sent to her by her mother, it was a sketch of a wedding dress, off-the-shoulders, lilac, with lots of embellishments and silk tulle, alongside it was a letter, which said "Need help with fitting, bride is the exact same dress size as you, she also has the same skin tone as you", Kai folds the letter and places it in her pocket before looking at her dorm siblings "Who wants to come over to my house tomorrow?" She asked all of her dorm siblings raised their hands, including Wodan and Linh, they've all been to her house before and often pester her on when can they come over again, and now they have a chance. All that Kai was hoping for, was that she wouldn't be embarrassed by either parties...

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